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Tuesday 24th, January 2006

Zoe’s missing

For like two days she hasn’t turned up.
Dad came home two days ago and saw the other cat, not ours, but he who hangs around and terrorizes her, go for her…and then who knows what happened. And we’re sure we heard her meowing the first day…and then maybe imagined it other times…who knows.
It’s just she doesn’t even really hunt. So, she likes to pull wings off bugs and legs off lizards…she doesn’t eat it…she eats dry food and she drinks water inside the house. And who knows where she is. And if it’s three days and she hasn’t turned up for…we think it’s ominous…if she’s hurt she probably can’t take care of herself…ugh…is drowning bad terrorizing cats a bad thing? Or at least taking them and dumping them in the cane fields??

I miss Zoe. We have pictures of her from Saturday when we did my little niece’s aqeeqah (birth sacrifice and head shaving)…fascinated by dead ram, fascinated by baby being shaved and bathed…I wonder if she hates us for this last week of being banished from upstairs because of the baby…I wonder if she knows there’s a baby in the house…I wonder if she thinks we don’t care anymore.

I don’t want to lose another cat.
I don’t know if anybody told my brother yet :-(


  1. I’m sorry about Zoe being missing…but far more interesting: what is this aqeeqah? Babies being shaved? Does this happen to boy babies too? Wow, there are still people in the world who offer sacrifices of rams…please tell me more! Like how this tradition relates to Islamic belief, etc.!

  2. Zoe turned up this morning!!!

    We have a birth ceremony. You sacrifice something and share the meat with the poor and friends. And you shave baby’s hair off, regardless of sex. Supposed to happen in 7 days. The sacrifice and sharing of food/meat is like a celebration of the joyous event. You’re also supposed to weigh the hair and donate that amount in gold (or silver, can’t remember) in charity.

    It’s basically celebrating the arrival of a child by feeding people and being thankful.

  3. Just a question about the aqeeqah: what if the baby was born with no hair?

    Congratulations on your niece!!!

  4. Well, I guess if there’s nothing to shave by the 7th day…no shaving!

    Our niece surprised us all with a full head of hair…very full!

  5. […] Last time we had an aqeeqah I didn’t post about it because we’d almost lost Zoë. […]

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