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Saturday 20th, May 2006

My Mac Story (or Ode to Adium)

I don’t think it’s the greatest story.
It just sorta happened.
I love my mac but I want a big screen and I want a linux box to mess with and try out so many things.

So, I will go into Linux story later.

But, Shivan Jaikaran (Trini, found his website from T&T Computer Society links…well either that or the TTlug links) asked me how I got into Macs. I didn’t tell him about the obviously evil plotting of my friend Jamie. I mean, he *had* to give his then fiancée reveilles‘ his old PowerMac (yes?) running OS X Panther. And then I had to be staying by her for a month and I am an internet addict. And she was new to things then too. So, I would ask her questions and she’d be like, oh we have to ask him and then when he came over, he’d proudly show off the lovely OS X. And I wasn’t a believer then, because it felt slow (very slow internet on dial-up and my windows machine with the same dial-up felt faster; ok! so I was coming down off of cable internet).

And they of course didn’t have an IM program on it. (I didn’t count iChat. Nobody I know IRL uses/used AIM. It’s not a trini thing). I don’t think Thunderbird was on it either;
But I got Adium and I was in love.

I got my own account, which silly me of course made non-administrator because, after all, it wasn’t my machine. And then for her security I stopped it booting into her profile by default without a password (or because I was lazy and didn’t want the stress of switching profiles). This of course was stressful because when I craved some privileges, I needed her to login; so I made myself an admin.

They were even nice enough to leave my account active for 2 months so that when I came back for their wedding and they left for the honeymoon and I inhabited the house to packup for the leave…I could use it.

So, when I started thinking of my next computer I was looking at Sony VAIOs which were 3.3 lbs and then somehow started trying to push my sister into getting a mac if she went back to do her Ph.D. in Edinburgh.

Then I woke up one day and thought of all the research I was doing on apple computers and reviews I was reading and all the stuff I was sending her…and I was like…wait a second. Is there some message I’m trying to tell myself? So, I thought about it. I realized, oh, “I want a mac”. Hmmm. And I started dreaming of Adium. Oh Adium I love you I thought. Ooo…a mac! then I wouldn’t have to stress out installing Linux on a laptop and getting it working perfectly.

I thought about it for two months. I kept it in my head despite the “you don’t have a real job, why buy a computer? a laptop? an apple?” from my family. I wondered, wait for Tiger or buy it NOW.

Then the new line came out in January 2005 or thereabouts. And I was like, I am waiting no longer. I sat down at dad’s computer at work and ordered it. (I did pray…hehe).

And man, all the accessories started coming but the computer..that was like the last thing to arrive.

And I’ve had no regrets.

And then my brother came home when some of the computers were again not working.
And he used mine alot.
And reminded me of mom asking me if he wouldn’t want a computer just like mine. I thought he wouldn’t because a mac? Seriously? I must be the only crazy person in Trinidad. But he’d been here for a few months using my computer almost exclusively. It was easier for him to buy the laptop he knew than the one he didn’t. Furthermore, he seems to be alot more like me than I realized. He loved the sqwaking duck also. He too thought Adium was the best mac application.

My brother has a powerbook just like mine.
It’s just running Tiger.

And this is all JAMIE’s fault.
He is EVIL.

And now, since our Dell desktop is finally dead (and I took out the hard drive so nobody will be tempted to turn it on), both my parents have been using my laptop. I can soooo convince my mother that a MacBook is just right for her. She’ll sort of by-pass the issue of voice because I will build a machine for her to use Yahoo! Voice chat. Dad said today that he would check out his book grant to see about buying the MacBook (!!!) He is over the phobia of using a laptop after using mine all this month. I did tell him however that I will try to get quotes for another machine to be fair (IBM). I am virtuous and caring…

This too is ALL JAMIE’s fault.
I have the IM logs to prove it too. (I love Adium).
He made me do it.
He worked hard to show me how right it was to encourage my mommy to get a MacBook. So, if we get it…I know who to blame for the almost totally Mac household (well with only one machine in the house and that machine is a mac, it IS only Macs here).

This is the story I didn’t tell Shivan.
The story I told him will be pasted from my Adium logs.


  1. It’s certainly rare to see a Trini Mac girl….in fact I dont think I have ever seen one before! Keep it up! Encourage a few!

  2. There must be some.

    I saw somebody with a powerbook in the airport.
    So cute!

  3. […] My sister has a Nikon Coolpix 7900 and takes food and travel pictures with it. She likes her camera but now feels the limitations. I’ve been on a campaign to get her to get a DSLR (with which I can play) as I didn’t use my camera much or enough and am probably not ready for a DSLR and am scared I would be wasting money. I don’t think she would be. So, I spent the last few months telling her why she needed a DSLR every time she said something…you know I nagged. (My last campaign for her to get an apple laptop…well that resulted in my having a powerbook…*sigh*) […]

  4. hello. wtf. i was a trini mac girl who was at the TTCS pizza limes and in the Trini Mac User Yahoo group.. steups… i’ve only had macs from my first performa 636CD in ’94 to my macbook dual core that i’m typing this on!!

  5. Hiya! I’ve never been to one of those (neither TTCS nor appletalk).
    I’m shy!

    I also need to drive!

    You have a macbook dual core????

  6. it’s sooo drool worthy :D only 13″ but it was a pressie so i ain’t gonna hate :D and the glossy screen is the sexx :D

  7. I like 13″…my powerbook is 12″
    But I do at times crave a larger screen when I’m working but rarely when I’m not! :-D

    Wow! I wish someone would gift me a Canon Rebel!

  8. me too ! hell even tha nikon o the chennette :D i’m not greedy :D my fuji is so showing its age :(

  9. Well, yeah…I won’t ever look down on a gift!

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