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Friday 1st, September 2006

Chocolate Souffles

We made chocolate souffles.

More pictures later but maybe this one will be good for now! :)

We followed the website.


  1. Those look good. You need to come visit and make them for us.

  2. I also need to stock up on some chocolate.
    I still have just under 3 lbs but I am cooking/baking again and might need them…so that’s a good excuse.

    What do Coblings like as baby shower gifts?

  3. Oh, that looks delicious!

  4. The price of Coblings isn’t too high, is it?

  5. posted another pic of the souffle (or the trial bake of the batter that couldn’t fit into the ramekins) on my Flickr – You getting around to posting the rest of yours, with the pretty sugar edgings?

  6. I will soon when the house is a bit clearer

  7. what does the house have to do with it?
    is that supposed to be your subtle way of saying you don’t love your family?
    tsk tsk

  8. Thomasso: I was wondering about that…or a broiler maybe.

    Chennette: Me loves family. Me wants to spend time with family. Now they gone can’t spend time with them. So post pictures!

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