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Wednesday 27th, September 2006

Ramadhan 4

Well, mom’s going to Guyana today, lunch time and dad and I are going on Thursday morning. We’ll eat Suhur on the way to the airport.
Hopefully we can be of some help.

I’m cancelling my Thursday and Saturday classes.

Also, the reciter for Qur’an this morning was Haafiz Abdullah. A Haafiz is someone who knows the whole Qur’an by heart. He sounded quite nice. What annoyed me tho, was that this 3rd Juz starts of in the second Sura (chapter – Baqarah) and continues on into the third Sura (Imran). So in the break between the Surahs they played their ads or ran their slideshow ads. They didn’t cut other people’s recitations. They’re in control and people won’t mind so WHY WHY WHY! They should’ve played the whole Juz.

Also, this reciter didn’t end with Saddaqallah … (I can’t transliterate well but it means Allah the great has spoken the truth). Once upon a time after a recitation we’d end with that. But there is no reason to. It is actually Biddah (Innovation) and frowned on. The second reciter, according to my mom, should’ve known better. She was happy to see this one didn’t end with it.

Well, we were all mixed up today.
We went downstairs to break fast in a daze.
I got out water and mom’s like get something to drink!
Or, I bought you banana soft drink and I’m like, to break fast???
So we had cake and dates again.

And then from out of nowhere she pulls out this container with wedding sweets leftovers…THE LAST NANKATAI (which she said she saved for me) and the last Lindt truffle. She took the truffle and then offered/gave it to me.

They tasted so good. I haven’t had a proper chocolate fix in awhile.
Neither has she.
She asked Chennette to buy chocolate for her on her way back to Guyana and i’m like so mom, you’ll forget to buy for yourself. So she said! She forgot! Chennette doesn’t have to buy anymore. I hope Chennette still buys because my mom is so frazzled she might forget.

I need some chocolate.
I’m so worried about the family.


  1. Trying to give hugs and prayers from afar…!

  2. Thanks.
    At least we’re able to all go and be with them.

  3. {{{{{LilY}}}}}

    Here in the States, and elsewhere I’ve read, cooking food is one the great comfort things when facing a death of a loved one. Would it break the covenant of Ramahdan to do so and/or, must you still fast from sunrise to sunset regardless? Some religious paths have different rules for such occasions, but since this is your most holy month I didn’t know.

  4. We still fast!
    But we have to eat at night.
    And, not everyone will be fasting. I don’t think her mother fasts. She’s got Lou Gehrig’s disease (I think that’s it…). And the children may not be.

    We don’t fast when we’re sick or travelling so I may not fast on the day I go even if it’s just an hour trip as I get ravenous when I travel on planes.

    For most of us, the fasting might help. Death I guess is usually a time of prayer and talking to God and fasting is supposed to help bring us closer to Him so to me it’s a bit of solace. Of course, I can’t speak for everyone else.


  5. Fasting is a good focus for the self – which is why I think I feel so disconnected not having been able to fast because travel, migraine, travel. Insha Allah tomorrow. And btw, if you deaf people would stop putting me on speaker phone maybe someone would hear and remember I said I have Grenada Chocolate Company dark chocolate – 2 bars in my fridge – already, waiting for when I saw allyuh…I’ll put it down this time to reasonable stress.

  6. Oh I heard that but as you say, I think they were busy putting you on speakerphone!

    Yay! Don’t give mom any!

  7. Grenada also had had Bournville – big bars, but I ate one (with visitor [big sister]’s help even though I GAVE her a WHOLE one so go hunting in her fridge for it, you know how she’s keep these things forever hidden)

  8. Well…things also disappear from her fridge.

    How come I didn’t get no Bourneville? She likes white chocolate. Once upon a time she wouldn’t’ve touched Bourneville. What changed!!!


    Okay around bro’s wedding I saw her wandering around EATING MY DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES and talking to herself and saying thanks to me for introducing her to good chocolate!!!

  9. Ok, [Lily], you fast then except when you travel on the plane and no dark chocolate except between sunset and sunrise! I understand fasting and praying as a form as getting closer to the Divine, as a means of focus.

    I had to take my mum through the ER for hip pain that became severe tonight (4 hours of hell and another to get back home, I am beat!) – it appears to be sciatica, painful, but treatable, but she needed to be x-rayed because she fell 2 weeks ago. Anyway … I saw a Muslim family in the waiting room and my first thought was \”That poor woman, it is after sunset and she cannot even eat because she is in hospital!\” How funny is that, the way my mind works?

    Oh, and when I post to your blog I do not get email notifications of course, so wah!

    Give everyone there a hug from me, my friend. It is a sad time for you all. :(

  10. I am so sorry for your loss. That is a tragic thing to have happen. Send my best your family.


  11. PJ: Well, if the woman is in the hospital, she may have to eat
    I’m very sorry about your mom. But treatable is good right?
    She is still staying with you, right?

    Maybe I’ll try to get a plugin for email notifications


    Thomasso: thanks very much!

  12. Mum is waiting for better meds, but yes, sciatica is treatable. No, she is not living with me since mid-June. She wanted to be home, as she was accustomed to, which is good, but it involves a lot more driving and time spent getting to her to tend her needs when necessary. I have my daughter and sometimes my older son to help. Even Dave has pitched in and driven her ofr a test when I was too exhausted to run again.

    But anyway … yes, the woman I saw at the hospital was indeed the patient I found out so I am certain she had to wait even longer for food (they never let you eat before treatment), but if she had seen ill all day then I guess she ate. I did find it amusing that to be my first thought when I saw her, though. How well you have me trained!

    {{{{[Lily]}}}}} Take good care, hugs the little ones for me.

  13. /me is good teacher :-p

    Well, I hope the pain isn’t *too* unbearable.

    I should go sleep now.

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