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Wednesday 1st, November 2006

I bought…

a new bed today.
And a bed of roses mattress.

AND a brazil nut!
I’ve never seen one before.
I can’t wait to see the nuts inside!

I also bought cream…HEHEHE


  1. Finally a bed. After 2 years and many miles of driving up and down to buy a supposedly desperately needed bed. A bed. Bets still on among the family I’m sure as to whether the couch will still have more usage than this new bed.

    1. Comparison shopping
    2. I never said I desperately needed a bed. I was resisting it up until say six months ago. It was your mother!
    3. Equal usage
  2. Brazil nuts are yummy.

  3. Oh thanks. Will it make good baklava? :)

  4. I don’t think I’ve never seen a brazil nut.

    Was this blog so, so RED yesterday? Wow!


  5. Nope, it wasn’t.
    It’s just temporarily red again! :-)

  6. […] As commanded, Chennette took a picture of the Brazil Nut that I was talking about a couple posts ago! […]

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