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Sunday 21st, January 2007

6 Weird Food Facts About Me!

This is gonna be hard because how can things about me be weird. Normal is really subjective and how can something you do be weird?

Well, here goes:

  1. I don’t like some of my food mixing. I mean, you make curry chicken (or something) and rice and dhaal, I don’t really want the curry sauce on my rice and dhaal. You make macaroni pie and stew chicken, no! I do not want chicken gravy on my macaroni pie. I may mix it while eating but I don’t want it settling, congealing… I’ve noticed that I’ve eased up on this a bit but it bugs me. It bugs me that you’ll go to functions or Iftars (fast breakings) or stuff like that and when they hand out the basic plate they might dump the meat on other things. I can deal with stewed beans on my macaroni pie and such. Maybe it’s some meat and non-meat mixing thing. I don’t like meat in my soup…not really.
  2. I don’t eat fish cooked at home. Unless it’s frying fish. The smell of baking fish (like we used to do once upon a time…waaaaay long ago, this huge fish baking in the over for soooo long). I used to eat fry-dry but we don’t really get real fry-dry anymore. I ate a “bbq”-ed salmon mom and I made from a Cooking Light recipe. It was soo good but I had to work hard to overcome some inner inhibitions and eat it…and even eat it a second time. Mom keeps trying to feed me fish because “I eat it outside” but I can’t eat it.
  3. I hate beef. It grosses me out. I can eat it minced tho…sometimes (burgers, beef pies). (And it’s cruel to call a little girl Hindu, meaning it as a derogative (idiots! on cruelty and choice of “insult”) for not eating beef, even if it’s kurbani! Some of these freaks even decided to call me this because their stew or curry chicken wasn’t very good (I was young and when I went functions most people’s curry and stew chicken didn’t taste as good as mom’s and was very oily so I solved the problem by going vegetarian and just eating channa and aloo and roti or rice and dhaal … you get it…vegetarian)). Okay, you’re probably wondering what meats I do eat…chicken, lamb, shrimp and some fish.
  4. I am very picky. I may like something but may just not be in the mood to eat it. I don’t want to hear that I must try something before I decide, or that I always ate it as a child. (I don’t eat bhaji! But I do eat spinach, especially with feta).
  5. I’m scared of macaroni pie. Ever since I got sick in September 2004, I get scared that if I eat it, I’ll get sick again. But, I love it. Cheesy and mustardy with no meat!
  6. I do not drink fruit punch. I hate fruit punch. It is despicable. Why mix all those flavours? What are you accomplishing? Slush? No taste garbage? Drink Kool-Aid if you want that. Oh yeah, you flavour it with Kool-Aid. What’s the point. If you’re going to mask the taste of all those juices with Kool-Aid then just make Kool-Aid. I drink orange juice, lime juice, lemonade and pineapple juice. But, please don’t mix them. Just because I like them individually doesn’t mean I will be like oh! orange pineapple juice? How wonderful! My favourite juices mixed together. *gag*

    I might let orange-tangerine pass. I can stomach that.

I’m sure Chennette will tell you if I’ve forgotten something…or mom.
I was tagged by TriniGourmet. But I’m not sure who to tag back so I won’t bother. Aha! I will tag mom! :-D



    i know what you mean about the macaroni pie… i was small once and i got really sick… was really sick for months.. missed a term of school.. and the last thing i had eaten before i fell sick was French Toast… last year was the first time i was able to try it again… all those years i was scared i would fall ill again!! o.O

    glad you took part :D whenever i buy the non-red koolaids my father gets mad :(

  2. Well, it wasn’t that I wasn’t gonna take part…I even had it saved as a draft. But it required *thought*

    All these camera posts coupled with work sap alot of my energy.

    I got sick twice in quick succession and both times after I ate pie.
    I was a walking disaster in those days…all I ate was chicken and cucumbers…chicken and cucumbers for many months.
    I guess it wasn’t as bad as typhoid but…oh well.

    You missed months of school? Man! That sucks!
    I wish I didn’t start working within a month of getting sick.
    It’s like you never get chance to completely recover and do things…it’s like I was sick and it defined me and I couldn’t get anything but the job done…still feels like that some days.

  3. i hear ya :( i been sickly all my life :( i try not to think about it too much… :(

  4. i feel this sickliness only come upon me recently
    but maybe it started in form 3
    but *sigh*
    i was always sick when i was away or i felt sick

    all your life? that sucks! :(

  5. Sorry – mine was also in drafts…forgot it wasn’t posted yet :-D Needed to figure out who to tag!

  6. Voila –

  7. tsk tsk

  8. You are so funny! I also don’t like it when foods get mixed on my plate. I do like curry and rice, but if I’m eating meat, veggies and potato or rice as a side dish, I like to work my plate on my own and like to keep things separate.

  9. I agree sooo much with you on the don’t-mix-everything-part. I don’t like sauce or salad dressing very much, but if I eat it, they are at the side of salad or meat, not over it. If I am in a fancy restaurant where the sauce may actually be worth eating even on food I tend to use a piece of meat or just my fork to gather it all to eat separately.

  10. Rachel and Magni: Wow! Maybe this food mixing isn’t so weird then! I have company!

    I love the choice to mix my curry shrimp in on my own…or not. To mix up my rice and dhaal all at once or in bits.

    With dressing, it’s hard. I may like a tossed salad with dressing but most salads I think I can have without dressing. It seems to just make things not taste so good.

    I had a good honey poppy seed dressing once tho…mmm

    With sauces, like BBQ sauce or ketchup, I can be a true Trini tho and slather BBQ chicken or chips with it :-)

    (and welcome to my blog)

  11. how come i didn’t get no welcome :( SNIFFLE SOB

    hi rachel!!! :D

  12. because i already started talking to you over at chennette’s?

    and it was two at once
    i was pretty shocked

  13. iz all good :D right now your blog is the #1 outgoing link for today on TG :D

  14. How funny!
    People must real want to know what going on with the camera!

  15. I still think its weird to not mix your food – shouldn’t you just have dhal alone for a mean then and curry chicken later..Does that mean you can eat weird stuff that generally wouldn’t mix well together …So many of you out there.

  16. But I can’t stand dry food so if it’s not “supposed” to go with my white or brown rice then I won’t eat the rice cuz there’s nothing for it.

  17. Ask Jamie about Lisa sometime. She used to eat out of those little divided dishes — you know, vegetables in the main part, meat in one of the small parts, starch in the other small part? Never wanted to mix food. I described bibimbap to her one time (it’s Korean mixed rice — you get a bowl of toppings, and a bowl of rice, dump the rice into the toppings, add gochujang (hot bean sauce) and mix it all up with your chopsticks and spoon) and she gagged.

  18. I met Lisa, right?

    You are just cruel! How could you do that to a friend?

    See, I can mix things meant to be mixed. It’s just “meant to be” is by my definition…which is in development!

  19. […] I eat my food separately, item by item, whenever I can. It doesn’t mean I don’t like mixing or having gravy on top of things, but just that when faced with a plate of multiple items, I like […]

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