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Friday 6th, April 2007

On the subject of plants

If you have so many plants that even after half hour of watering them, you are still not done, then you are quite possibly insane.

Dear Reader, if you think this describes you then you should see a Mental Health Care Professional as soon as possible. (Feel free to give said professional a green gift).

If you think it will be hard to reduce watering time, I am sure there are other insane people dying to get some of your plants. I am also certain that there are people inside your very own house who would willingly help you reduce your collection in some way…or even tie you down so that you cannot water these plants, thus allowing nature to take its course.

Imagine the freedom! 15 more minutes a day is bliss!

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Cricket World Cup: Sri Lanka vs England

Lest you think I am forgoing cricket…I’m not. I’m just very busy and very tired.
I was out most day Wednesday so I ended up listening to the last two overs on the radio.
By 2 runs.
Okay, maybe after West Indies, I’ll support Sri Lanka. I don’t mind that they beat us. I just mind that we let them. We can’t even cross 200 comfortably.