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Saturday 7th, April 2007

Strange searches

Oh this is funny: “Chocolate covered cricket recipes”

I’m sorry to disappoint.


  1. Awh, the perfect snack for a day at the Cricket match! :) Hummm Chocolate.

  2. hehe

  3. eeeewwwww.

    i prefer bunnies

  4. I think I might to.

    If I had a chocolate bunny.

  5. Trust me, Bunnies are way to furry for chocolate coating compared to Crickets. I heard that in France chocolate ants are quite tasty? …not I would try one. X(~

  6. EEEWWWW!!!!!!!! What kinda site you have here? Advocatiing chocolate and FUR? That sounds like a new allergy in the making.

  7. Well you’re the one with all the allergies.

    Not me.

    And I’m not advocating chocolate and fur. It might be Thomasso or EWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I would like to advocate just a pure “BIG” chocolate bar—–with almond nuts sprinkled throughout it. That is chocolate heaven for me. Forget bunnies and crickets, just pure, 100% dark chocolate! Yummy imported chocolate, from a “work-fare” chocolate producing country of course. *drool*

  9. i had cadbury’s roasted almonds
    not dark unfortunately

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