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Quotation of the moment:

Sunday 15th, April 2007

Cricket World Cup: Ireland vs Bangladesh

It’s like Ireland has been saving up and training *just* for this match.
If they win they get…full ODI status?


Limited Comprehension?

I’m very sad.
Recently I’ve been much slower.

I think my comprehension skills are declining severely.

My memory? Who knows!
I think, “I have to do this” and I open up a webpage … or go to open it up, get slightly distracted and then can’t remember what I wanted to do. I just remember the burning desire to *do* something.

It’s sending me crazy.

I mean, I’ve always been a tad bit slower with audio input. Most of the times my hearing is slightly reduced and it takes me a little bit longer than the people around me to process what I heard into meaning. But the written word? Unless it’s a long complicated construction…I’m usually quicker. I find myself staring at things trying to understand.

Am I just too tired? I hope it’s just that I’m too tired.