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Saturday 26th, May 2007

we went to the taste t&t

And I am sleepy and exhausted. Not accustomed to so much people being around.

Chennette and I met TriniGourmet which was great. Chennette has pictures (not with the D80 but people have seen it).

Ok, so I took a few pix with the D80.

And sister the elder says she is starving and that is NOT our fault.

Taste T&T 2007 tonight

I hope people we’ve never met before don’t kill us! :-p

Actually, I hope it’s rather safe too. T&T isn’t really :-(

Wednesday 23rd, May 2007

Nikon D80 with 18-135mm lens


So is cousin.


What shall I do with it until Chennette gets here TONIGHT!


family family family family family

today i get to see my cousin, my niece, my sisters and…well…my parents of course


i miss my niece
i miss my cousin tho i saw her last week in the airport
i miss my sisters

and i miss my brother too but we’ll see him eventually

i hate this growing up business

Saturday 19th, May 2007

Chennette is in our house…

using our bandwidth.

Tuesday 15th, May 2007


I own Chennette’s soul!!!

Or, I would if we weren’t Muslim.

If you’ve been following the camera saga, it will be resolved soon, Insha Allah. (Well maybe not mine but Chennette’s). Go read Chennette’s blog entry (linked above) and we’ll post more updates as we get ’em.


Thursday 10th, May 2007

Taste T&T 2007

Savour the most delicious weekend of the year at Taste T&T 2007

Taste T&T, the most delicious weekend of the year, is back to delight both local and visiting palates on May 26 and 27 at the Jean Pierre Complex, Port of Spain , from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Hosted by the Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Taste T&T takes patrons on a gastronomic journey, showcasing the culinary traditions of Trinidad and Tobago’s multi-ethnic heritage and the gourmet finesse of its chefs and cooks. Trinidad and Tobago’s premier culinary festival, Taste T&T features live cooking demonstrations, entertainment and exhibits of authentic indigenous street fare, local delicacies and gourmet fusion cuisine.

I want to go. I wanted to go last year too.
I called Chennette to make sure she’d be in the country this time (May 26th and 27th). I told mom who wondered if she could go (!!!).

So, I think we’ll go.

Maybe somebody will join us!