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Wednesday 3rd, October 2007

Macaroni Pie – Recipe

Don’t have a heart attack but I cooked last week.
I’ve been craving macaroni and cheese or macaroni pie for ages now and well I figured I’d just have to get up and make it if I wanted it so bad.

Of course I was fasting.

I’ve posted about macaroni pie before and even Bajan macaroni pie but never provided you with pictures of how we make it at home.

So, I took pictures.

A brighter view of the macaroni pie

Now the recipe I’m going to give you is just how I made it. Different people make it differently…and depending on the ingredients at hand or what we want we make it differently too. Some people don’t put as much cheese, some put some milk, no milk, lots of milk. Sometimes we even put minced beef in there. Sometimes veggies or pepper sauce. It’s all good! :)


  • 2 packs of macaroni (It’s thicker than spaghetti)
  • salt
  • butter or margarine
  • 4 eggs
  • mustard*
  • 750g cheddar cheese*
  • salt and black pepper


  • Boil macaroni until nice and soft in salted water
  • Drain macaroni (don’t rinse)
  • Melt some butter in the pot, add some seasoning
  • Add the macaroni back to the put and turn until coated
  • Beat the eggs and add to the pot and turn
  • Add mustard and add cheese* (save some cheese for the top!) and turn until everything is melted and properly incorporated
  • Turn out into a large rectangular pan (I had two but that’s because I made thin pies. Usually I make thicker pies and could’ve fit this in one pan) and cover the top with cheese
  • With the oven somewhere between 350-400 F, bake until nice and golden on top (45min-1hr?)

You can wait until it’s set to eat but it’s nice when it’s hot. Hey it’s nice when it’s cold from the fridge too and you’re too lazy to microwave it.

Now, I didn’t really tell you how much of any thing. You should average and taste to see if it agrees with you. I was fasting so I couldn’t…You can put as much cheese as you want!!!

* Now when it comes to the mustard and cheese for the macaroni pie, this amount is very subjective. In my family, we apply my brother’s rule for this and macaroni and cheese and pizza (for applying cheese not mustard), “when you think there’s enough, add more!”. Both for mustard and cheese. We like the flavour for the mustard. And we’ve made many a pie which we thought was plenty cheesy and then we baked it and tho it tasted good…we were like… (sob) not enough cheese (sob).

Well, I hope this helps you to construct your own macaroni pie…! :)


  1. I’ve been wondering where my weekly serving of T&T food talk went. There is a recent local shop that features T&T food and I asked them if the Macaroni pie had mustard and they were confused and said “No.” Hmm. Now I have a recipie to try! As we say in our family “May you have an easy fast”.

  2. Thanks Kevin

    I’ve been on some sort of self-imposed computer break for the last 3 months.

    The mustard might have something to do with my mom. She’s a mustard fanatic!!!

    It took me until undergrad to hear the T&T old wives’ tale that “grown men don’t eat mustard” because it makes them sterile… :-)

  3. oooooohm, recipe!!!
    you making for me when i come? you know I always have this request!

  4. we were supposed to make it for you some time when you came but you said you didn’t need it or some such thing

    why you think i craving it so long? it’s all your fault!

  5. Yeah so true and the big sister and the brother wanted and did not want and so it went on….
    And imagine I bought 6 packs(454 gms each) of macaroni banded together in Pricesmart to make Macaroni pie as the whole family would be here for the holidays…..hmmmmm……..

  6. Well, except for the mustard, that’s almost exactly like my mother’s macaroni pie. Congratulations! You can cook poor southern redneck food!

  7. my mom passed on her mustard addiction to us :-)
    i like some pepper in my pie too

    chennette: we still have 6 packs of macaroni. you can come make some for us when you visit…do you really want macaroni pie for id??

  8. yes
    is there a problem with that
    it’s a 3 day celebration
    :-D we can vary the food

  9. noooo
    but no stinky meat in it!!!!

  10. I assumed we’d be making it as per your recipe and pictures
    and I don’t know why Mom would have stinky meat…wouldn’t Public Health have a problem with that?

  11. meat in macaroni pie is always stinky :p

  12. Do you remember when we use to make one pie and half had meat and half did not , heheehehehe………..

  13. meat contaminating my pie!

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  15. Someone made your pie! (Although she refers to onions and corn… which I saw in Chookooloonks’s version, but not yours…

  16. i reading chookooloonks now :)

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  18. I LOVE mac and cheese (even thought my kids never have taken to it) so I can’t wait to try this out.
    Thanks for the post!

  19. I miss home reading this………..baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

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  24. How much mustard I will try to make a pie one day because there is no macaroni pie for thousands of miles where I live

  25. as much as you like?
    mom and i love mustard so if we go overboard it’s okay
    sister chennette however twists up her face

    so maybe just a squeeze or two and taste it

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