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Sunday 18th, May 2008

Gross Plants

Sweet Potato Plant, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

This is the lovely sweet potato plant that I mentioned before

We’re also planting peas and look at this little sim plant:
Only a couple days before it was *tiny*.
And about a week after, dad and them finally put stakes down for it and…lo! it twined itself around it overnight.
Plants are both freaky *and* amazing.

I mean…one day you have a bucket of soil in which you scattered zinnias
and the next day there are these green things poking up. It’s so gross!
Seriously! It’s weird to see things poking up in soil all by themselves.

Unfortunately some days later mom found a frog squatting in the pot and it damaged the zinnias :-( So must wait longer. One day I will tell you about frogs and this house.

Zinnias => Gross Growing Zinnias

Like worms and spaghetti and pencils standing with the pointy side up. They give me shivers…make me want to gag (I’ll post the sprouts when I upload).

Pimply Pineapple

Or my dwarf pineapple (yes! remember the dwarf ornamental pineapple from the orchid show? A couple days later we went to the place mom buys a lot of her plants and there was one! Just one! Waiting for me! To buy! Well. I bought! Okay mom bought it for me :-)

If you look at that picture you can see purple tips…barely.

But as it grew…white spikes with purple tips started poking out from the pineapple (must upload picture). I mean how gross is that? Things spiking. EW. To cap it all, it looked like the pineapple had acne…a pimple…ripe and discoloured on your face waiting to be burst!!!!

Doesn’t it look like it’s having a breakout??

Now the spikes are gone and there are little flowers or something in its place. See. the pimple spike burst into flowers…

This was a summary of my entry into gardening.
I have to repot stuff soon.

Well, at the orchid show we bought a bamboo orchid, a brassia rex, D Uraiwan x Lasianthera and a D Black Spider x Lisa Kanayama.

We didn’t just buy orchids but also lemon basil and rosemary.

Rosemary, originally uploaded by Lilandra.


  1. nice shot of the rosemary

    still nowhere convinced about the grossness of growing plants, although you came close with the acne description – I always liked sprouting things, green shoots…

  2. yeah i love that shot of rosemary
    we transplanted it today

  3. […] be a whole other post on herbs – bandhania, chives, basil, rosemary, garlic chives…actually, Lilandra’s probably done a post on some of that. Since she’s actually in the belly of the beast…ahm…garden…forced to work […]

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