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Baking Until I Drop

Quotation of the moment:

Wednesday 4th, June 2008

I wanna learn how to bake properly

I like baking (except the hot oven).
I like desserts and pies. Stove top is nice but but I don’t think I really know what to do with meat.
I love the oven.

I’m amazed whenever I see a bread dough rise (well I guess when I make the dough) and I feel the different texture.
And then it comes out how I want it.

Making bagels were fun. I wish they came out better.

I’m not sure about cakes. They’re okay. But they have to be seriously interesting.

Maybe if I bake myself through many interesting recipes I’ll learn something.

How do you graduate from someone who can bake (or cook for that matter) by recipe to someone who can do it without a recipe…just on knowledge?

I want to be that person…who can bake nice breads without needing recipes…pies and sweet desserts.

Maybe I just need to dedicate myself.

Green Dot updates

Well I searched.
The last post I made about our ISP was in January 2007…when we downgraded our package from 256k/64k to 128k/64k.

Whoa it’s been a long while.
Well eventually we sorta got okay service. I mean it was around the 128k download. The upload as usual sucked…it was closer to say 40 if I was lucky.

Some months ago (February? or was it end of last year? … hmm February when the babies left the house and I went to Guyana) they started offering their TT$201/month for 128k/64k package. It was a promotion. Mom said lots of people at work signed up.

Well we were then paying TT$316.25/month for the same so we got a call about the new pricing (wow!) and did we want to remain at 128k or stay at TT$316.25 for 256k. Mom said wait til I get home but let’s try your 256k for a month.

So we tried it for a month and it was okay. Faster. They did things to try to get our upload okay. They also did things to try to get our download okay. (Anthony?)

So we’ve been on it for a few months. I’ve never felt compelled to check after the first month. But i did a speed test tonight.

And as usual the upload sucked. It sucks worse now tho. So I will check it a few times.

Here it is!

I was considering upgrading to a higher package for the “summer” influx of people to the house. We shall see.

I guess we might have to sort out all our billing issues first.