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Sunday 15th, June 2008

Mom made Hops Bread

Hops Bread, Baked, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

This is how our evening started.

Mom: Lilandra, what you doing? Come downstairs with me, nah. I going to make hops.
Me: Okay then well I will come make the crust (for my lemon meringue pie).
Mom: (as she’s going down the corridor) and print out TriniGourmet’s recipe. You just have to copy and paste the recipe into TextEdit and print it.

So, I did.

Anywayz, mom and dad’s coolpix was downstairs (I brought it down so she could take pictures of her orchids but…is she willing??? NOOOO!!!). And I was tired. So I took pictures with it. I told her she could post them as hers but she told me to blog them.

But she only used it as a guide…or…to see how different hops go. This is mom’s recipe:

Hops Bread Risen

Hops Bread


  • 1 package dry yeast
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • 8 cups white flour
  • 2.5 cups warm water
  • 1 tsp salt

Look at the underneath! Great!


  1. Dissolve sugar in warm water.
  2. Dissolve yeast in sugar and water; mom let it stay a minute or so after dissolving.
  3. Add flour, baking powder and salt to the liquid.
  4. Stir and knead until it was smooth and elastic (5 minutes or so).
  5. Pour some water over the dough and cover it and let it rise until it doubles in size (20 minutes).
  6. Punch down dough and knead again and cover and let it rise until it doubles in size again.
  7. Grease tray with shortening.
  8. Punch down dough and pinch and shape into balls (mom made 15) and place on the tray.
  9. Let it rise until it fills the tray (or gets to a suitable size).
  10. Preheat oven (say 375F – 400F)
  11. Bake for about 15-20 minutes or until nice and medium brown.

The rest of the set is here.
But, look at the nice inside texture!

Hops Bread, Inside
Hops Bread, Inside, originally uploaded by Lilandra.


  1. ahhh, hops!
    my honey-molasses-whole wheat bread came out nice too, but no nice hopsy crust though…

    Mom makes such nice dough balls – nice smooth skin.
    hot hops, sigh
    and more than a QUART too!!

  2. you should mention you used the coolpix

  3. yeah! our parents can make circles and balls by hand without help
    it must be a maths skill

  4. ahhh
    thanks now you remind me

  5. but all of you are Maths people so why can you not make circles and balls.. well except for the big sister…..

  6. so fluffy!!!!! :D :D :D :D

  7. oh my lord! i had to approve you!!!!

  8. Re: Step 5 – can you ask your Mom how much water one should pour over the dough; and is it pouring or sprinkling?

  9. i also forgot to say when to add the baking powder

  10. Baking powder is added with the flour , well with the dry ingredients…. and it is sprinkling of water over the dough to increase the raising surface my mother use to say… not sure if that is so but I continue to follow her in this (smile) as it really makes the difference in the bread and roti etc…..

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  14. Hi i just wanted to know the water that is poured over the hops, would that be warm water or regular tap water?

  15. Hi Cindy!
    We just use regular tap water.

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  17. You forgot the baking powder in the method

  18. Hi Giselle, I’m assuming we mixed it in with the flour.


  19. Hi…love your recipe and will use it agn an agn in the future. One idea is that maybe you can modify method and add the baking pwder into the mix? Only because I followed your method and added ingredients as said but totally didnt realize i had to add baking powder…may help another “wanna be baker” like me. Thanks a million!

  20. thanks
    i think i never modified it after i realized i forgot it :)

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