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Saturday 21st, June 2008

My Cookbooks have arrived (and other cooking related info)

My cookbooks have arrived!
Before mom went Guyana (end of May?) I ordered 5 cookbook from

One of the 5 got sent in a separate shipment after the first 4.
It arrived at my skybox on June 3rd and the other …didn’t.

I waited a week (no USPS tracking info) and emailed Amazon who said “Oops! it looks like it got lost. We’ll send you a new shipment but you have to wait a couple days because we don’t have it in stock.”

In the interim, I baked the lemon meringue pie from the one that reached me.

Well my new shipment reached the skybox this week and I got my books today. YAY!
*so happy*

In other news, mom and I finally saw and bought our ice cream maker. The bowl is currently in the freezer and we’ve prepped the ingredients for mango sorbet (which we shall make tomorrow, Insha Allah).

I’ve been baking lots of cookies and such this week and I need to take a break (aside from the weight gaining powers of such treats, sometimes they don’t make me feel so good). So next week some time I will start baking from my books.