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Monday 30th, June 2008

Mango Mania: Mango Sorbet

Mango Sorbet, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

As promised, I took another photo shoot of my mango sorbet.

You can go to my homemade ice cream set to see more of my other frozen goodies.

We cut up 4 julie mangoes and 2 doodoose mangoes and then processed them in the food processor.

Afterwards, we added water, sugar and fresh lime juice.

Then, it was ready for the ice cream maker and tada! We got uber fresh, strong mango smelling sorbet.

It was lovely.
Or so I’m told.
I’m still squeamish about actually eating “processed” mango.
But it did taste good (you know ice cream and sorbet…always drips and melts on your fingers).

I am entering this in the Mango Mania competition at What’s For Lunch Honey.

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