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Thursday 31st, July 2008

Anadama Bread: failed?

Anadama Bread 13
Anadama Bread, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

/”>A preview, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

I tried making Anadama Bread. It looked interesting. It also looked like it could do double duty as a sandwich bread…

Anadama Bread 1 - Make a cornmeal and water soaker I started off making the soaker of cornmeal and water. Mix it and leave it overnight. It smelled really sour the next day…a bit like yoghurt. I was excited.
Anadama Bread 4 - Leave it to proof Add the flour, yeast, water and whatever I’ve forgotten to the soaker and mix. This is a sponge. Leave it to proof.
Anadama Bread 6 - Add more flour, butter, molasses Add flour, butter and molasses to the sponge and stir.
Anadama Bread 8 - Knead Now knead on the counter and put in an oiled bowl and leave it to rise for…until it’s doubled.
Anadama Bread 11 - place into pans When it’s doubled, separate it into two and shape each piece into a rectangle. Roll up each piece and place in oiled loaf pans.

Then, I was supposed to leave it to proof for…an hour? two? I can’t recall. I was very tired and it was almost 11 pm so the instructions said instead of leaving them to rise, I could put them in the fridge and take them out 4 hours before I bake it. So, I did this.

Anadama Bread 12 - Before baking Unfortunately when I took it out of the fridge the next day, it had all flattened out. I don’t know if that mattered. Regardless, I was supposed to leave it to rise until it had crested over the top.

It never did.


I put it to bake anyway.

Anadama Bread 13 And it never rose in the oven either.

But it reached the right temperature. One of the loaves broke coming out of the pan.


I was so sad.
I guess I can’t get them right all the time.
I wish I knew what I did wrong.

Mom thinks I should have put more yeast or baking powder in the soaker.
She’s probably right.
I need to know my dough…which I don’t know yet.

Also, I think I have a problem with amounts…horrible scale…and I don’t know how my cup measurements are.

Oh well.

I’ll get it eventually.

Now, regardless of how the bread looked it did taste nice. A bit sour. Contrasted nicely with cream cheese. Of course, I don’t know how Anadama bread should taste…

You can see the whole Flickr set here.

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  1. Lily,

    Here’s my version of Anadama bread – via my grandmother…


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