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Baking Until I Drop

Quotation of the moment:

Wednesday 6th, August 2008


Addiction is scary.
The closest thing I’ve ever experienced is books and maybe internet addiction.
I could probably think of something else maybe…

But, let me recount the last week or so.
25th July – Made Truffles for Chocolate Hearts of Darkness
26th July – Made Chocolate Hearts of Darkness
30th July – Made White Velvet Butter Cake
31st July – Started making Basic Flaky Pastry for Great Pumpkin Pie
1st August – Made Great Pumpkin Pie with Chennette

And strangely enough during this I wasn’t over tired.
I was tired after watching things bake and waiting for the hot oven to be done and clean up but I wasn’t so tired that I didn’t do it.

Then mom said take a break (because that’s just a snippet … I will recount the previous weeks later…it might be eye-opening for me). So, I said okay! Sunday I will make hot dog bread or white sandwich loaves.

I woke up late on Saturday, barely slept because I felt like a fever or sickness was coming on and Chennette was returning to Guyana that day so I didn’t bother.

Sunday, I offered.
Mom said no.

I decided Monday.

Actually I get some trouble differentiating between Sunday and Monday.

The whole of Sunday (our supposed rest day according to mom) I didn’t do much.
Mom got annoyed with me for not packing/folding clothes or doing anything else. But considering she announced we weren’t going to do anything I took her at her word.

And I had enough trouble not finding myself in the kitchen to start baking.
My fingers were twitching.
Almost any excuse carried me downstairs to make bread.
And I would have to distract myself.

Monday we went up East (?) side for a bit and then came back down.
Plan, pray, relax and start the bread.

Well, I used the washroom, washed my hands, and realized all that driving and who knows what else had me feeling a bit out of sorts and weak. And I didn’t think I could bake. I told mom (who put up a whole wheat bread in the machine). It was the hardest thing for me. I had already taken out the scale, the bowl, the flour. I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth. Regardless, I spent most of the weekend (including Monday) sleeping.

So last night I made white bread.
I was so happy.
It came out nice.
More later.
But I can’t stop planning again.

The cake book is open and I am planning some Sour Cream cake.
And I’ll itch until I get to bake it.
I know.

This *must* be addiction.