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Tuesday 26th, August 2008

White Bread!

White Bread, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Technically all the breads I’ve made recently are white breads (except of course the marble rye bread which did contain a significant portion of plain flour).

I think however, when most people refer to a white bread they are thinking of that nice soft sandwich loaf. I have nothing against sandwich loaves. I have been trying to eat more whole wheat ones (but I strongly suspect the local mass produced one is more colouring than whole grain). So, we try Nature’s something and Chee Mooke’s whole grain breads.

But every now and again we buy a sandwich loaf, for dad, to make mass sandwiches (cheese paste and the like) to carry somewhere or depending if we buy it from the parlour or the grocery and the options available.

Dad is a great fan of white bread. So, I figured I would try one of the variations in Peter Reinhart‘s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. Thankfully two of them do not require a starter or sponge of any kind. I’m not sure if I will ever try the second. Sounds like self-inflicted punishment.

Anyway, I decided I would try to make some into hot dog buns also because we like hot dogs and if we’re trying to make our own bread most of the times, we’ll have to make buns too.

And then mom puts in her piece and says well if you’re making bread, why not double the recipe and make some loaves too.


White Bread: Kneaded into a ball White Bread: Cover with plastic wrap until doubles
Final, kneaded dough YIKES! Risen dough!

So, I made two loaves and quite a few wannabe hot dog buns and three little buns for the niece. Since they were for the niece, they didn’t get sesame seeds. Since the bread was for everybody, they didn’t get sesame seeds.

White Bread: Shape into Buns White Bread: Shape into loaf White Bread: Until they double or swell or something
Look at them all nicely shaped. Don’t they look like hot dog buns? yikes! they got huge! They don’t look like hot dog buns anymore but…subsandwich loaves?

But that’s how a sandwich loaf should look, right? :)

Next time, I will roll out the buns thinner and lay them closer together so they join and we just pull them apart. Hopefully this will make them rise up instead of spread out.

This made very good, very soft white bread.
The biggest hit were the tiny buns made for the tiny niece. We all wanted them…without the sesame seeds, perfect balance of crust to insides.

I started thinking of them as dinner rolls.

In fact, I planned that next time we bought barbeque I would make.

A few days later I made this same bread in the bread machine (half the recipe instead of double). It was very nice and airy. You can see the lovely holes. It was very suitable. My only problem (and this is a problem with the bread machine) was the side crust. It just is too thick and hard for me. Mom and dad like it. They don’t think it hard but crusty.

Peter Reinhart's White Bread Variation 1: As I Open the Bread Machine! Peter Reinhart's White Bread Variation 1: Sliced
it’s done! lovely look! No egg wash. Sliced. Look at the nice holes and such. Better than mine? Who knows.

Some more days later, as we were waiting for me to go see a doctor, my brother mentioned to me again how great the white bread was especially his daughter’s (well it helped that I had BBA with me). I told him I’d decided to make rolls with them next time we got barbeque (La Romain BBQ not in La Romain anymore so we’ll just call them Original BBQ Hut used to have rolls with their barbeque but costs went up and they cut the rolls). I thought the bread would make a good substitute.

So, while trying to decide what to buy on the way home for food (food politics! did mom say she wanted Eat It! or did she say I could stop there if I wanted. Would she be okay with Hap Hing even if she claimed she didn’t want food. What were we going to buy for us? What would we buy for everybody else?) Of course, it took no time at all for us to decide on barbeque. But we were in San Fernando already and it takes 4 hours to make the bread (with breaks of course but I need four hours). He said he wasn’t going straight, he was going home first (and possibly carry wife and child out too who were supposed to go with me but weren’t ready in time).

I wanted to try variation 2. He didn’t want me to mess with what was good (he’ll say he has experience with the ever changing texture and quality of our homemade brownies and why do we keep messing with it when he deemed it perfect). I ignored him and called home (aka his wife) and asked her to put some vinegar in milk and leave it out. I don’t have buttermilk and I’ve rarely seen it in groceries. The only difference between the two was the first took water and powdered milk and the second buttermilk. Mom called back later (she was sleeping when I called home) to ask how things (a whole hour you waiting to see doctor??? and the price went up. Hmph!) and place her order. She was most shocked to find out we were coming home first and said how could brother do so much driving. I’m like he wants to and has no choice…for bread. So mom, satisfied rang off. I think?

Knotted Roll, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Anyway, I made a single recipe and since I wanted to make kaiser rolls next, I attempted knotting some of the rolls (Brother had no complaints about this. It was the same bread!). They actually looked quite nice. I called them some time when I was almost ready to bake and they said they were five minutes away (ha! more like twenty) and thankfully the rolls only take about fifteen minutes to bake so…we were all set and happy.

So much lovely bread to eat with our barbeque.

I need to do this again! :)

And after this long tedious story, I leave you with the rest of the pictures in the white bread set.


  1. ahhhh, nice bread
    really nice, smooth top in the bread machine – good pix too of all
    and I love the soft pulling apart look of the “kaiser” roll

  2. it looked like thin “hairs” or something holding them together
    it was cool! :)
    i *knew* i did a thermometer picture…i just found it!

  3. I see you’re just as talented as Chenette ! Nice looking bread I must say; looks like you could eat it just so, straight from the oven :^)

  4. Thanks….but she’s more *creative*
    I think I’m more by-the-book.
    I’m going to have to teach myself creativity which is…some kinda oxymoron I’m sure! :)
    And well, those rolls only cooled down while we were eating the barbeque…nobody here likes to wait for bread…

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