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Friday 29th, August 2008

Baking vs Buying: White Sandwich Loaf?

We bought a Kiss white sandwich loaf this week and I noticed it cost TT$10.75…i mean…how long ago was this $7? or … $6? Well, the $8 not too long…the others, I don’t recall.
Does anybody? I wish somebody kept track.

Anyway, I decided to work out how much it cost to make a sandwich loaf home.
The kiss bread said it was 590g so I used Peter Reinhart’s White Bread‘s Percentage Formula to work out the ingredients and then tried to remember the cost of ingredients.

Shame on me for not remembering the cost of yeast. I use so much of it.

Some costs I can’t remember exactly but have decent-ish ideas.
If anybody wants to quibble on price…or contribute…feel free.
I’m sure mom will come along to save the day, yet again. I’ll edit as time goes on.

Ingredient g oz vol cost notes
Baker’s Flour 303 10.66 2 3/8 cups $2.17 I think a 10kg bag of baker’s flour is TT$77
but it could be TT$73 or something. I forget.
Went grocery, baker’s $71.49; AP $67.993
Salt 5.5 0.2 < 1 tsp $1.00 let’s call this neglible and count this, sugar
and water as $1?
Powdered milk 19g 0.66 1/8 cup $1.19 I think 800g costs about TT$50+-TT$5. I
don’t buy it! And I’m not sure if that’s the
correct size of the big bag.3
Sugar 23 0.82 5 tsp see salt
Instant Yeast 0.11 1 tsp $0.502 this is like half a packet? 5 packets in a
box? which costs TT$52. I should know the cost of
yeast. I use it so much. I just can’t remember.
Egg 1/2 egg $1.02 um, use the other half as egg wash. i think
we got 18 eggs at pricesmart for TT$18.xx
Water 4/5 cup see salt
Sub Total 590 $5.88
Labour/Etc ??? Work Time: 30 min
Bake Time: 45 min
Total Time: 5 hrs
Total ???

Well, the ingredient cost for my equivalent white bread is say about TT$7 as opposed to TT$10.75. But I haven’t even factored in gas or labour charge. I guess since I’m making it for home, for me, I could work for free. Am I saving?

Well, at least for the most part I know what’s going into my bread.

Would you still bake bread?

  1. If you’re interested, I still calculate/estimate the exchange rate at US$1 = TT$6.30 tho…I can’t recall what it is exactly. lists a mid-market rate of TT$6.22580
  2. Edit 6:30 am: Checked with mom, she’s not sure cost of yeast but thinks it’s around $5…so I don’t feel so bad!
  3. Went grocery today. Country Pride Baker’s Flour is $71.49 for 10kg and All-Purpose Flour is $67.99 for 10kg. Also, checked with mom…the powdered milk price is about right. I forget which is more (skim or full-cream) but the range is more like TT$48-$53 so I’ll leave it as is.