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Saturday 30th, August 2008

I need to fix my site

EDIT: Problem fixed! I think. I hope. The header was going crazy. Can’t recall what it was doing exactly.

It’s too wide.
It was too wide before but I was ignoring it.
I can’t ignore it any longer.
I also need to do somebody else’s.
I wonder if I’m stumped or I was just tired?

Click Citrus: Lime Poppyseed Poundcake

Click: Lime Poppyseed Pound Cake

Lime Poppyseed Pound Cake, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Chennette informed me last night that the deadline for Click Citrus was extended until September 1st.

Now, I had noticed Click Citrus but I was so busy baking and such that I hadn’t really planned on entering. But when she reminded me about it, it occurred to me that I did have a citrus picture waiting in the sidelines (I have more pictures of this but not uploaded or fixed yet That post will follow soon) and that I could submit it.

But wait! It was supposed to be obviously citrus.
How did most people make their picture obviously citrus? Stick the fruit in the picture somehow. I didn’t like that. Really. I thought that’s like…hitting people over the head with it. But since I’m not sure about what qualifies, this morning, I figured I would try. There was also lime juice in the fridge and I wasn’t sure what would be the final entry (I also didn’t see why I had to put a lime in the picture for someone to know it’s lime juice. Hmph).

Anywayz so after Fajr, at around 6 am I took some pictures with the tripod and with a white ironed (!!!) pillowcase and tried. It seems I’m not accustomed to the light at that hour. You should see the original picture. Oh my. I only did white balance and levels adjustments and it looks like it was supposed to.

Ah, well, so this is my entry for Click August 2008: Citrus.

Wish me luck! :)