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Monday 1st, September 2008

Ramadan Mubarak: What does a food blogger do when she’s fasting?

So, this title serves a couple purposes

  1. Our masjid and many others in Trinidad (and Tobago?) are starting Ramadan tonight (at sunset) and so the first fast for the month will be tomorrow!
  2. I’m coming out! As a food blogger!! Woohoo! No more can Chennette make jabs about me not being a food blogger. I’ve decided I’m willing to accept the identity. Sort of. It’s not like I’m restricting myself to food. It’s just…I’ll be posting however I normally post.

Well, it’s not that I haven’t food blogged through Ramadan before.
I think a year or two ago, I started with boring life details but got sidetracked. Did somebody get sick?
Maybe I’ll show you the daily suhur (meal to start fast) and iftar (meal to break fast) though this will be quite boring. How many pictures of cereal and water and dates will you get to see? Let’s guess…hmm 29? 30?


same jabs


  1. how about the days with no suhur?

    and someone got sick??? who could that be?

  2. my empty spot!
    on October 7th, 2006 i have two posts including a private one about a sick person in the house. The other is about 14th of Ramadan.

    Hmm…next post after that is October 9th when a sick person arrived here.

    And then no real Ramadan posts…just over a week later some ‘Id posts.

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