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Wednesday 3rd, September 2008

Ramadan 2: Suhur

Suhur on 2nd of Ramadan

Suhur on 2nd of Ramadan,
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Surprise! Surprise! Mom and dad’s camera was in mom’s bookshelf.
So, as I was at the top of the stairs this morning, with my huge bag, I thought, let me check. So I did. And there it was.

Um, yeah. Soo…please don’t fault the pictures too much.
I’m not even going to plead lack of familiarity with the camera (really! this is true) but just 4:00 am tiredness and lack of lucidity and hungry and groggy and hiccups. Yes. Hiccups.

Mom boiled eggs last night so, I had lots of water, egg paste (salad) on toast (haha! very lightly toasted…barely) and a banana.

That was it.

While mom washed up the wares, I weighed out 1 litre of rice and then 1 litre of flour.

Yeah, you’re wondering, “WEIGHING A LITRE???”.

Well, fasting is cumpulsory on every muslim except the sick, the travellers etc etc.
If you’re travelling or sick and miss a fast you generally make it up later. If however you are say chronically ill (or sick but for some reason you are unsure that you will be able to make up the fast) or nursing, you pay fidiya. (I’m not even getting into the people who don’t fast for no good reason. Or break the fast for no good reason. That’s too much for this blog). My brother’s research says, for each fast you miss, you pay half a sahb (sleepy: didn’t hear him properly). This is a volumetric measure in the time of the prophet roughly equivalent to 3.28 litres. So, very confused, I took out mom’s liquid measuring cup (4 cups/1 liter[sic]) and used my spiffy new scale to weigh rice then flour. We figured this would work. And people can just add on.

In case you’re interested, we got 1 litre of ordinary rice to be 1 lb 10.5 oz (yes I did take it down in grams (lord! help me! I think I write kilogrammes but grams) but I can’t remember that) and 1 litre of baker’s flour to be 1 lb 3.8 oz.

Off to sleep now.