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Thursday 4th, September 2008

Ramadan 3: Second Iftar

Oooo almost time for Suhur and now posting this.

Well, today was HOT HOT HOT.

So, we had grand plans of baking chicken and potatoes and carrots (in a bag) and mmm nice dinner.

Breaking fast with accra, kibbe and chutney

Breaking fast with accra, kibbe and chutney,
originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Mom came home and it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hot.
Too hot.
Nobody wanted to do anything.
At all.

So she was like, frozen fish thingies and fries?
I was like okay.

But of course 4 pm when she woke up and we went down…madam mom starts prepping the chicken and doesn’t tell me (who is slicing up carrot sticks and seasoning them and drizzling them with honey to bake because just because we’re baking these fish things and chips…well…you know…a vegetable might be nice? I was supposed to make a green salad but I was tired).

My dinner or frozen foods and carrots

My dinner or frozen foods and carrots,
originally uploaded by Lilandra.

After some discussion, she’s like oh well, she’ll prep it so tomorrow we’ll make it without stress. It’ll just be read to pop into the oven (hmm…later we decide lots of leftovers of other things in the fridge so we’ll make this Friday…stay tunes for further updates).

So, while I was prepping and baking things, she fried some kibbe mixture she had in the freezer from the last baked kibbe she made. Niece loved it by the way.

And aunty from next door sent some accra (yum! like saltfish fritters? recipe at chennette’s) over with tamarind chutney.

So, we broke fast with some accra, some kibbe, water, tea and mom had dates.

And then later, I had a saucerful of food.

Munched later.

And…croissants finally made but that’s another story.


  1. yummy
    i had dates and curry…
    i have recipe for accra you know

  2. so i should link to it?
    you should make for dad when you come

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