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Thursday 11th, September 2008

Ramadan 9 and Iftar on Ramadan 10: Lavash and Cupcakes

Peter Reinhart's Lavash

Peter Reinhart’s Lavash, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Surprise surprise.
I didn’t fast today.

It was decided that yesterday I wasn’t well so I’d better take the day off.

But tomorrow (in 3.5 hrs), I shall be fasting, Insha Allah.

I’m not sure what they had for Suhur.

However, I made Lavash from Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. It was very nice dough with a tablespoon of honey. Smelled really good baking. He said it also makes good dough for pita. Well, I had some leftover that didn’t fit on the tray that I tried to make as pita but I didn’t roll it out enough so it looks almost like a non-fried bake. But it tastes good. I think I prefer it as thick and not thin for lavash. I’ll try it again, as pita :-)

Of course, mom came home and only saw the *one* pita on a rack cooling out and was like, “You put on the oven just to bake that????”

We also made some grocery today because somehow or the other we got asked to make something for an Iftar tomorrow. I hoped mom would say no (because after I made the lavash you should’ve been me. I felt like I was swaying and weak. And it wasn’t even hard. Just dump ingredients, knead, leave, roll out, tray, bake..simple!). The day before, when we were sorta RSVP’ing, I told mom to ask if we should make something (you have to understand the addiction, *any* excuse to bake…) and they were like no, everything’s okay. Mom was gonna send money. Phone call this morning. *sigh* Hey, I’m happy to have done it; we feel good about making food for people to break fast with but we get tired easily…even without the fasting.

Anywayz, what does that mean?

I go out tomorrow :-)

Yummy Store bought Cupcake

Yummy Store bought Cupcake , originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Okay, so for Iftar, mom had lavash, half a pita, dates, water and vanilla caramel tea.
I ate with her but instead of pita and dates, I had cupcakes! Yes, store bought but good. Wow. Just over TT$4.00 for a cupcake. Good to make note of these things.


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  2. where bought? it looks in good condition for having been transported?

    and why didn’t she think that you had used the toaster oven? :-)

  3. I wondered the same myself.
    But then maybe because 2 of the 4 trays she had out were on the oven…not stacked. (But seriously two trays? Two trays to bake one pita?)
    Or maybe because it was on a big rack and not on the toaster oven rack

    We bought it from JTA
    4 for $16.49 or something
    I can’t remember who makes them. Somewhere in Cipero? I should’ve taken a picture of the packaging.
    They also had large cakes.
    Do I need to state it wasn’t Kiss?
    Lovely icing…u know…light…not smoooth

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