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Monday 15th, September 2008

Ice-cream Machine Here I come

Dulce de Leche? yum!

Now, how about peppermint???


Okay, I’m not actually eating any of this but am plotting the making of it…wish me luck.

Iftar at my Masjid (12th) and the next day

Mango Chutney at My Masjid's Iftar

Mango Chutney at My Masjid’s Iftar, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Saturday 13 September:

After I couldn’t sleep the day before, I decided to peruse my cookbooks. If you remember the last time I tried to make pancakes for my family for suhur, NOBODY FASTED!

Now, I did see a recipe for Feathery Banana Pancakes in Lisa Yockelson’s Baking by Flavour, but Chennette was at home. And there were some suspicions about whether she can eat bananas or not. Also, I can’t remember if there were any bananas.

Also, since I was thinking of making this for Suhur, I didn’t want this oh sooo complicated.

But I couldn’t sleep and it was 2 am when I started looking at cookbooks and I was to get up at 4 am so did it matter?
I could go downstairs *now* and collect all the ingredients and just pre-prep them. So down I went with Alton Brown’s baking book in hand to make buttermilk.

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