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Friday 19th, September 2008

My sister goes to England (Ramadan 15, 16, 17)

Double-decker Cheese Paste Sandwich

Double-decker Cheese Paste Sandwich, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

I have returned, dear gentle readers…;-)
(Whether you missed me or not)

When I started this escapade, I blogged after suhur and after iftar.
Soon, those two posts per day started merging into one post for the day.
Then they started getting delayed into after the suhur the next day.
To catch up, two days became one post!
Now, I have three days worth missed.

But with good reason?

On Monday, mom and I prepped and topped the pizzas for my sister, my sister who was on her way to England for a year with her husband, daughter (2 years 8 months) and son (10 months) came home to overnight Tuesday.

Mom and I also made coloured cheese paste (pink and green) so as to pack sandwiches for them on the plane, coloured to entertain a small child. See recipe. We just added food colouring until we were happy.

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