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Friday 19th, September 2008

My sister goes to England (Ramadan 15, 16, 17)

Double-decker Cheese Paste Sandwich

Double-decker Cheese Paste Sandwich, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

I have returned, dear gentle readers…;-)
(Whether you missed me or not)

When I started this escapade, I blogged after suhur and after iftar.
Soon, those two posts per day started merging into one post for the day.
Then they started getting delayed into after the suhur the next day.
To catch up, two days became one post!
Now, I have three days worth missed.

But with good reason?

On Monday, mom and I prepped and topped the pizzas for my sister, my sister who was on her way to England for a year with her husband, daughter (2 years 8 months) and son (10 months) came home to overnight Tuesday.

Mom and I also made coloured cheese paste (pink and green) so as to pack sandwiches for them on the plane, coloured to entertain a small child. See recipe. We just added food colouring until we were happy.

On Tuesday we all (mom, dad and I) trekked up to the airport to collect the brood plus Chennette (surprise surprise she was flying through) and came home. These Guyanese all promptly went to sleep.

And current went.


SOoo hot.
About half hour later it came back and mom and I, dead beat, decided to bake the pizzas, cook the rice, fry the sahina one time, no interruptions.

And we did.

Whole wheat beef pizza

Whole wheat beef pizza, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Couple hours later, we wake up my sister to pray.

At the second call, “<Sister>, are you up?”
Sister: Yes mom, I’m up.
Niece: Mom, I’m up too.

So they exit the room, niece in front, all awake and alive, sister a bit more groggy. A few minutes later mom greets somebody and I had to look down. Nephew was crawling out. It seems he answered mom’s call too but with a grunt and so got put down on the floor to crawl out.

We fed them (niece and nephew) while niece was frantically looking for Zoë and then carried them next door to get their hair cut. It was time. It grows.

Wednesday, after suhur, we made the cheesepaste sandwiches to pack and wrapped up pizza. Then, we went to repack (redistribute) their 8 suitcases. Which took all the time it seemed and thence to the airport.

Much sadness. No tears yet.

I mean yeah I could fly but it’s like US$1500 and either I have no job so no frequent flying (that’s like 5 trips to Guyana) or I get a job and can pay for it but then time off?
They’re going to grow up without us.
Nephew will be walking and talking without us there.
And niece…what if she doesn’t love us anymore.
And, no, I don’t want my own. I want theirs…close by :-p

So, after coming back from the airport sleep sleep sleep. That was me. Coming to the last half of Ramadan I (a person) gets tired…well even more tired. It is draining.

Ad in the morning, the frantic waiting to hear if they made it alright and through immigration and how are the children etc etc. They’re there. Everything’s fine. So far, the niece likes the “cold”.

I tried cooking but got stuck at the lamb…so I had my *dulce de leche* ice cream and persevered.

Chennette came in after 8 pm.

And thus ends a busy three days where we lost another set of our family.

Tuesday 16th September, Ramadan 15
Suhur: Pink and/or green cheese paste sandwiches.
Iftar: sahina and Pizza ;-) There was also fry rice and stew beef.

Wednesday 17th September, Ramadan 16
Suhur: pizza?
Iftar: I had to break my fast else it would’ve been like the last one when my brother left. Hmmm correlation?
Don’t know what anybody had for iftar or for dinner. I was asleep.

Thursday 18th September, Ramadan 17
Suhur: unknown
Iftar: mom had dates, aloo pie with channa (bought from school) and a slice of pizza. For dinner, there was rotini macaroni pie (due to lack of other noodles except farfalle, fettucine, orzo), baked lamb slices and cole slaw. Yum!

Remember, the Ramadan set has more pictures…and the start of the dulce de leche ones.


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  2. I miss them so much.. I cannot make a weekend trip to UK to visit as I did to Guyana…

  3. But, a WEEK TRIP!

  4. yeah sounds like it could be done…..thanks…would you go with me then….

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