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Wednesday 24th, September 2008

Weekend Iftars at our Masjid

Dinner Buffet

Dinner Buffet, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

This weekend we were oh so lucky to have two iftars at the masjid, ie both on Saturday night and Sunday night.

Since the menus were remarkably similar, I decided to do them in one go. However I would’ve decided this anyway as it’s so late already ;-)

Chennette was here on Saturday and took some of the pictures (mostly because I wasn’t feeling well and I think she took pity on me or something).

Saturday 20th September, Ramadan 19 and Sunday 21st September, Ramadan 20

Suhur: I think mom had water upstairs and I had some macaroni pie and leftover fried shrimp. Who remembers Sunday??

Iftar: See Saturday pictures here and Sunday pictures here.

Saturday Iftar

Saturday Iftar, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

To break fast on Saturday, we had sahinas, peas pakoras, fruit salad (dates, grapes, apples, pears, peaches, plums), grate mango chutney and tamarind chutney.

On Sunday, we had sahinas, dates, apples and watermelon.

Saturday Dinner

Saturday dinner, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Then for dinner, Saturday had a bigger spread or both curry and stew but I wasn’t silly enough to take part in both sides. As you can see, my plate was kinda scanty.

From the first picture, you can see they had paratha roti (or buss-up-shut), avocado, fresh salad, curry channa and aloo, curry mango, stew chicken, fried rice, chowmein. I only had chicken, rice and noodles…

On Sunday, there was stew chicken, fried rice, macaroni and potato salad (yum!) and green salad. I’m not sure if there was anything else but that’s what I ate.

Both days had dessert, box cake and ice-cream. First day was yellow cake and strawberry ripple ice-cream. I ate so little and had no room so I just had a mouthful from generous sister. Second day, chocolate cake and yellow cake and chocolate ripple ice-cream.

Sunday cake and ice-cream

Sunday cake and ice-cream, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Oh, and we’re clear into the last ten days now, which is deserving of its own post.


  1. Grapes and chutney…the bane of my iftar experience…mixing things, sigh
    Imported Fruit Salad in both cases, you should say
    your noodles etc look nice

  2. i meant too, but i forgot

    and you should say “imported”

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