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Friday 26th, September 2008

‘Id-ul-Fitr Menu: Second Draft

We’re working on the assumption that ‘Id-ul-Fitr will be on Wednesday. This may change.

You can see the first draft here.

For ‘Id:

  • Make Sahina (not fry, roll it, freeze it etc)
  • Make cheesecake


  • Unmold cheesecake and cut into squares, store by aunty next door.
  • Spiced nuts


  • Almond cookies (maybe I do this on Monday…or at least start)
  • Mom shows me how to make Rasgullah
  • Make kibbe (lamb and little vegetarian)
  • Slice cucumbers and tomatoes

Wednesday, ‘Id-ul-Fitr:

  • Fry Sahina
  • Make sawaine
  • Bake lamb kibbe
  • Make Chicken Biryani

For ‘Id celebrations when Chennette comes:

  • Make doughnuts from pizza dough and fry them!


  • Mom shows Chennette how to make Fat Kurma
  • Baklava
  • Lamb Pastries


  • Bake veggie kibbe
  • Harissa seasoned baked and fried potatoes
  • Couscous salad
  • Have dad BBQ lamb

The week after ‘Id for a certain newlywed:

  • Make hot barfi!

How’s that?

Tuna Croquettes

Tuna Croquettes, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

The problem with delaying posts is I take no notes and forget…so if I don’t take any pictures, there is almost no hope.

Monday 22 September, Ramadan 21
suhur: unknown

iftar: Since I wasn’t fasting, I made tuna croquettes from this recipe. I doubled the recipe and used two cans of tuna (6oz each). I also used low fat milk (that’s what I had).

Aunty from next door dropped sahina.

dinner: leftovers from the weekend iftars.

Tuesday 23 September, Ramadan 22
Suhur: can’t recall, maybe bread and butter unless that was wednesday

iftar: leftover sahina and tuna croquettes

dinner: leftovers from iftars

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