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Saturday 27th, September 2008

ARGH! The Daring Bakers made Lavash!

I wanna be a daring baker. I just can’t see how…counting the months from Ramadan, then October, then November getting ready for Hajj and then December is HAJJ!…so not until the new year.

Last month they made éclairs. I was sooo looking for an excuse to make those and then to find out they did. I had no excuse…just people to eat. I let myself be governed by my tiredness.

This month I see this post in my RSS reader and wonder to myself…but it’s not the end of September yet but they made Lavash. I made Lavash. Then…when it finally loads (internet was down for a bit today) I see they made the recipe from Peter Reinhart’s Bread Baker’s Apprentice.

What did I make earlier this month? Two weeks ago?

I could cry!!!

It was that opera cake and party cake and napoleon and danish pastry and whatever that scared me silly.
I’m so upset.

See the culprits here and here!