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Sunday 28th, September 2008

Last week, in brief?

24th Iftar
24th Iftar,
originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Wednesday 24th September, Ramadan 23 (also Republic Day)

I made corn muffins from our bread machine cookbook. It was supposed to be a bread but I made it in muffin tins. It was supposed to be corn meal and chick pea flour. I used corn meal and split pea flour. It was supposed to be hard cheese, finely grated like parmesan. I used cheddar, coarsely grated.

Despite all this it was fine.


I kept wanting it to be sweet. It wasn’t. There was no sugar…and I didn’t think about adding any.

There are still some left. I intend to brush them with a honey glaze and reheat them in the oven or toaster.

Suhur: Bread and butter.

Iftar: Pholourie from over de road, kachorie from down de road and corn muffins.

Dinner: Parents had curry fish and rice. I forced and had the last of the macaroni pie (from last week when Chennette was here) with stewed red beans.

24th Fast: Our Iftar Table
24th Fast: Our Iftar Table,
originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Thursday 25th September, Ramadan 24

Suhur: Chocolate pudding, toasted dhalpuri and avocado.

Iftar: Leftover tuna croquettes

Dinner: Parents had lots of freezer leftovers, I had rice and stewed red beans.

Friday 26th September, Ramadan 25

Hmm, we bought fried chicken. We broke fast with…???

26th Iftar: Mom's Dinner
26th Iftar: Mom’s Dinner,
originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Saturday 27th September, Ramadan 26

According to the second draft of the Eid menu, mom was supposed to make sahina and me cheesecake. Well mom made the sahina before I woke up…and I woke up at around 9am as we were going…Eid grocery shopping!

I went to Tarawih in the masjid on Saturday. You can read about the night of power and when it is and about the last ten nights of Ramadan anywhere else. I’ll try to find some links. I only stayed for 12 of the 20. I was getting rather dizzy.

Also, some people from the Jamaat (sort of…they used to live here but migrated…and then presto…met again there and got married…) gave an iftar.

Suhur: bread and butter?

Iftar: I didn’t take pictures. Too tired. Half-asleep. We had…GULGULLAH! (it’s like a sweet fried fritter with raisins) and accra (a bit tough, mom says batter/dough too stiff, needs more egg…but I still managed to eat a bit of it!!!).

Dinner: CURRY! I took a picture of mom’s plate and mine as she had more variety. I had my curry spread staples (roti, channa and aloo, stew chicken and salad).

There was, paratha roti, channa and aloo, stew chicken, curry mango, vegetarian biryani…and not sure if there was anything else. I can check mom’s plate.

27th iftar: Starfuit and what not
27th iftar: Starfuit and what no,
originally uploaded by Lilandra.

Sunday 28th September, Ramadan 27

Soooo dead beat.
Today, with excellent preparation, I made Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Cordon Rose Cream Cheesecake. It looks very nice thank you very much. This needs to go in the fridge now, and tomorrow it will be unmolded and cut into squares and will wait to go to the masjid on Eid day to share. Um. Shouldn’t I taste it to make sure it’s good? That I’m not giving people…garbage???

Mom fried pholourie from a mix. Oh sooo very addictive with a nice fresh tamarind chutney.

Suhur: Honey Wheat Dark Rolls and Egg paste (salad). Parents had…I dunno bread? and boiled egg.

Iftar: Dates, grapes, addictive pholourie and chutney, starfruit (mom), raspberry and cream cheese pastry…anything else? It’s in the picture.

Dinner: Haven’t had any yet. Current just went.

Parents are having black-eye beans and rice plus fridge lamb. Mom was going to make a black-eye pelau…when she came down while I was making the cheesecake, she told me she forgot to take out the chicken, is rice and beans okay? I’m like yeah…

PS Our dryer is kaput and not here. We’ve run out of clothespins.