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Tuesday 30th, September 2008

‘Id Mubarak: Moon sighted!

Dad and them saw the moon.
Br Manwar’s family on IBN saw the moon.



She set me up

After fighting with her for almost a week to convince her we don’t need to make both kibbe and biryani…and to try to keep it low key and LOW WORK, she said well she want. And you know that’s the end of that right there.

Which is why from the first menu that rice dish appeared and quickly changed into biryani.

And, I was oh soo looking forward to it.

Then she decide too much work (which I have been telling her ALL ALONG) so even though I was happy and thrilled to remove it from the menu, this was the first set up.

Posting the updated menu a few minutes ago, I mourned the loss of biryani and thought why not tonight (instead of this shrimp and saim and dhal and such but I am happy to have less work for us.

So, as I am on my way to shower and she is out (we’re doing another last minute grocery), she says to me why can’t I make biryani tonight? Why this extra food?? I informed her I not getting involved in no decisions to give her more work because I will lose out regardless…

So, she set me up again…menu change, biryani tonight and I already posted.


Let’s not even talk about our communication problems…her definition of special versus mine.
She wants special sweets and such for ‘Id and vex with my choices, never mind she is making the granddaddy of all special sweets, sawaine (which will probably not be made in my house). So do I. Her definition of special is traditional (which to me equals BORING and milk-laden). My definition of special is something exciting, new or that we’ve not made before or recently (which to her equals expensive (not true!) or Lilandra gone crazy).

Dad doesn’t get involved.

Mom, I still love you…hope you feel the same ;-)

Please remember you’re not feeling well, and neither am I and…how much work can we give Chennette to do?

Every year we make big extravagant plans…and then Chennette has to come and bail us out.

Edit: Mom also said we making Jalebi this year. Oh my!

Crunch Time?

Last night was probably the last Tarawih.
Today is probably the last day of fasting.
It’s highly probable we shall see the new moon tonight, thus the new month Shawwal and ‘Id-ul-Fitr will start tonight at sunset.
If we don’t then we’ll have one more Tarawih (tonight), one more fast (tomorrow) and ‘Id-ul-Fitr will be on Thursday.
Tomorrow however has already been declared a public holiday in Trinidad & Tobago.

Monday 29th September, Ramadan 28

We didn’t wake up for suhur. We made it for Fajr prayer. And because mom and I are sickly we knew we couldn’t keep the fast without suhur. Dad fasted.

But when I woke up at a more reasonable hour (10ish) mom wasn’t feeling well so we rushed to the doctor. Insha Allah she will get better.

Iftar: Dad had dates.
Dinner: Rice and black eye bean from yesterday. Mom and dad had lamb. I fried some frozen shrimp wontons and we all had that.

Update on the ‘Id Menu:

For ‘Id:

  • Make Sahina (not fry, roll it, freeze it etc) Done!
  • Make cheesecake


  • Unmold cheesecake and cut into squares, store by aunty next door.
  • Spiced nuts
  • Cheesecake made!


  • Cheesecake unmolded and cut into squares, very soft but fits in our fridge


  • Almond cookies (maybe I do this on Monday…or at least start) Not making anymore
  • Mom shows me how to make Rasgullah
  • Make kibbe (lamb and little vegetarian) In the process of being prepped. But no known vegetarians coming
  • Slice cucumbers and tomatoes

Wednesday, ‘Id-ul-Fitr:

  • Fry Sahina
  • Make sawaine
  • Bake lamb kibbe
  • Make Chicken Biryani We will suffice with pelau in the masjid

For ‘Id celebrations when Chennette comes:

  • Make doughnuts from pizza dough and fry them! Most likely not happening. Some other time when Chennette comes maybe


  • Mom shows Chennette how to make Fat Kurma
  • Baklava
  • Lamb Pastries


  • Bake veggie kibbe
  • Harissa seasoned baked and fried potatoes
  • Couscous salad
  • Have dad BBQ lamb

The week after ‘Id for a certain newlywed:

  • Make hot barfi!