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Friday 31st, October 2008

Argh! The Daring Bakers did it again!


Remember when last month the Daring Bakers made Lavash and I complained. I could’ve joined them. I actually made lavash from the same recipe that month.

Well guess what they baked this month!
See here!
From Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice.

We all know what I have sitting in my freezer, right?

In case you don’t know, let me refresh your memory:

Peter Reinhart Pizza: Veggie (pineapples, roasted green peppers, tomatoes, onions)

And I still am not a Daring Baker.

Maahay Ramzaan: The very late last of the eid posts

Maahay Ramzaan, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

I promised ages ago to post a last post on Eid.
And of course I didn’t.
For almost a whole month I stood silent.

Well, a couple weeks ago I went to a Ladies Eid dinner (small group) where they also invited mom and her family to wish us a good hajj. They sang a couple qaseedas and I took the opportunity to leaf through the qaseeda book to find…tada! the song I tried to share with you earlier.

This is the song my grandfather used to sing every eid at every house.
It’s in urdu and if you want the translation, it’s here.

The food from this event can be found here and here.

Now maybe some of you are wondering if we did all the things we planned.
Well mostly.
I got to make my roasted red pepper couscous salad. You can read all about it at Chennette’s blog.

She took most of the pictures.

You can also see the lovely pictures of baklava she took that we timed with the arrival of our cousin and her new groom from the airport, thus delaying their sleep even longer.

It must be stated, our new cousin-in-law seems quite nice and Insha Allah they will be very happy.

And did we make the barfi for them? Yes!
We ordered chinese food for them when they were due back from Tobago and it was waiting and they enjoyed it immensely. It’s great to be back in Trinidad and find halaal food to eat…not just vegetarian and not just run by muslims but completely halaal chinese food.

And then later, we made barfi for my cousin so she could get it nice and warm. It was delicious. She stuffed some in her husband as he lay half-asleep.

Homemade Barfi, for Eid and the Cousin's Wedding Visit
Homemade Barfi, for Eid and the Cousin’s Wedding Visit,
originally uploaded by Lilandra.

I took pictures of the complete process and it’s deserving of its own post eventually but you can see the set here.

And I finally uploaded the pictures of my making the Cordon Rose Cream cheese cake.