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Sunday 20th, December 2009

Dinner tonight!

We’re inviting family over and cooking.
When’s the last time we did that?

I wish Chennette was here, but we’re balancing the timing because although Big Sis is due end of the year, people are thinking she can come ANYTIME!
And Chennette isn’t coming until say….the 1st?
So, we can’t wait.

So I made the baklava last night (a bit too soggy…maybe too much butter and too much syrup?) The top is fine but the lower layers…are a bit soggy.
Regardless it tastes good.

Mom loves Rose Levy Beranbaum’s recipe for pizza so much that we sprinkled zatar seasoning on it last time we made and had zatar bread. The only thing missing was the shankleesh (stinky cheese!)
Zatar has sumac, oregano, thyme, black seed and who knows what else….sesame seeds…
So this time, I put the rest of the zatar into the dough itself and mom will make a fresh batch in the morning which we’ll sprinkle on top with a touch more olive oil maybe.
So, it’s in the fridge and for two hours tomorrow I shall be shaping, spreading and baking on the stone with a new peel!

And since Chennette got us tahini and we have channa, lime juice and garlic we shall make…HUMMUS!!! for a dip.

Mom has already made and assembled the beef kibbe. All that is left is to BAKE IT!

Mom also is going to do a kinda pot grill beef and make a chicken biryani.

We’re going to make a fresh salad (ordinary tomato, cucumber and lettuce) and also a coleslaw…tart or sweet? Well it depends if i forget the lime juice or the honey. I always forget *something*. I’m really sad we’re out of horseradish…:-(
Anywayz, mom likes it however I make it sweet or sour :)

If we had corn we’d boil it and lightly coat it with garlic butter but no corn so well…hummus and garlic, right?

Maybe somebody will bring ice-cream?

I’ll try to remember to take pictures tomorrow and actually get them off my camera and you know….upload them somewhere…
Pity I haven’t learned Chennette’s lesson yet.

And in non-food-related news, guess what I’m typing on?
Oh, yeah! and now guess the specs! :)

PS I don’t look forward to clean-up…and wait I’m still up after 3 am … will I sleep? Ah well, at least I finished grading and entering marks and let’s hope…that it’s all good!


It’s not mine…


  1. one of the pizzas I made last night was liberally sprinkled with za’atar (I pressed it in before the pre-bake phase) and then in the middle of baking spread spoonfuls of the feta cheese in liquid. Was so good. Should have made all like that, because one whiff of the mozzarella and parmesan on the others…

  2. oooo

    i think zatar is like mushrooms…you think you put alot but then it’s baked and it’s like almost none

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