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Tuesday 17th, August 2010

New Fridge has ARRIVED!

I did mention we went and bought a fridge the FIRST day of fasting. I searched through my old posts and found one almost exactly a year before we bought it, complaining about the fridge. I know I’ve been complaining for even longer but I don’t seem to have mentioned that here.

So after Tarawih, it settled. We moved the old fridge out into the porch. We moved the new fridge into position and plugged it on and I wiped the insides with hot water. Filled the ice trays and went to sleep.

(okay a bit more involved than that. We had to take out the doors from the old fridge, so empty the doors, twist around back door, fiddle with new fridge feet…let people run around and not fall asleep after).

Happily when we woke up for suhur, the ice was frozen.
Of course the old fridge said the temperature was 38F after months when it couldn’t go below 45F and I think recommended is 40F at most. Our electronics are infamous for being jealous.

Hopefully someone will buy it even knowing it needs some work. I can’t deal with two fridges again!

And for iftar yesterday…
Well mom (with my help) made aloo pies, curry channa with cucumber chutney while we waited for the fridge to arrive. That was dinner for me too. And iftar.

Aloo Pie, Channa and Cucumber Chutney

Aloo Pie, Channa and Cucumber Chutney, originally uploaded by Lilandra.


Well, I’m tired and have many pictures to go through but I will post a link to Chennette’s recipe with picture. I need to sleep so I can do more stuff tomorrow…:)

Today: 6th Ramadan.
Last night: 6th Tarawih
This morning: 6th Suhur

We’ve almost done a week of fasting. Wow time flies!


  1. jealous electronics :-) wonder if my new modem will work NOW!
    that aloo pie crust looks GOOD!
    going by sister-the-elder to make RLB pizza this evening-have real mushrooms. Unfortunately she doesn’t seem to want her 2 elder rascals to be around during this cooking…

    I realized I haven’t made pizza in a while.
    They want golden wheat carrot cake
    and we thinking of pastrami but it will take forever

    we shall see
    i really want

    mom says whole wheat makes the crust nice

    fridge has sooo much room
    just waiting for it to be really cold
    the freezer already is

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