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Friday 20th, August 2010


It’s a hard Ramadan when your family is split up.
We started taking pictures around both Eids so that my brother in Saudi Arabia and my sister the elder in Guyana could see what we were cooking. Mom said we were making them jealous and we shouldn’t. But truly, that wasn’t the reason (or the total reason). My brother *wanted* to see what we were making. My sister wanted to live vicariously through pictures.

Now my brother is home for this Ramadan and as you know Chennette is in Guyana with our other sister so…there are enough people in Guyana to make the things we like too.

Chennette craves macaroni pie…posts pictures of macaroni pie. Well yesterday mom baked lamb in bbq sauce and I made macaroni pie. I also made a macaroni pie with beef that went into the freezer, a meal to be baked for another day.

She made googni (boil and fry blackeye with onions and whatever else) and next day mom makes it.

We make aloo pie and channa and cucumber chutney she says hmm maybe I want that instead of pizza.

And I think, hmm, how long has my brother been home and I haven’t made any pizza?

Last night, she chirps that

you can’t make style on us @empresslilandra WE making Aloo Pies tomorrow for #iftar! #Ramadan #Caribbeancooks

What else is in the lineup?

So, I guess, in a way, we are celebrating Ramadan together.


Hmm…I wonder if she’ll feel for non-stuffed but fried beef kibbe with tahini?

Fried Kibbe

Fried Kibbe, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

It looks kinda like felafel, doesn’t it? :)

Well, I missed a day of posting, so now we’ve had 9 Tarawih and I started my 9th fast.


  1. Yes they can be mistaken for felafel…but sure does not taste so. We use to make it rolled out like a gulab jamoon and then stuff the meat on the inside but when you are fasting you want to make the quick version which is mix up everything together.

  2. yes. yes I do feel for that. I have bulgur. someone needs to buy BEEF.

  3. uut u bubuyyyy,yyyyyyb,y uu uyuyuyyyyuh uhhu,hmhu u ey vvvvvvvvvvvvv y yg jl;i jk

    (courtesy niece 2)

  4. Well you could use lamb…
    chicken kibbe? fish?

    i want pizza
    and they didn’t go buy brisket

  5. not sure why we dont get alot of lamb/mutton here considering the number of sheep it have roaming the streets. will ask sister. she has beef though.

  6. maybe is just the in-laws…

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