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Saturday 21st, August 2010

Qur’an Reading

I’m trying to read a lot more Qur’an now because of Ramadan.
My arabic understanding is limited but I can read.

Unfortunately, I’m not all that confident. Maybe it’s this little inferiority feeling…

A couple days ago I screwed up my courage and read for mom who was like, what? you’re not reading that bad.
Then I read for my brother.

I’m told I get more blessings struggling than those who are very fluent.

I always hope to carry on the quantity of reading I do in Ramadan out of Ramadan.

Software plug: On that subject, I use Zekr. It’s Open source Qur’an software.
The best thing about it is it works on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux (well I hope all Linux). It can display the Arabic with the transliteration with the translation, or alone. And you can add recitations (or use the online ones) and play each verse one at a time so you can read along with the recitation. I made sure all my family have it.

I must add that the audio doesn’t work on Linux PPC. I think it needs Java… But it still works nicely as a Qur’an.

Okay, I still use my hard copy qur’an because the script is *nice* and big, but I really need to get one of those colour-coded tajweed Qur’ans…it would help a lot more when I don’t have my computer.

I think we are onto our 10th fast…and
Pictures? :)


  1. Mashaa Allaah. Let me know if you still need that colour coded Quran or some tuition with some nice heavy tajweed stuff Inshaa Allaah, if you opt for the latter then you would not need the former so digame what you desire mi amiga.

  2. Assalamu ‘Alaykum
    Well, technically I *know* the tajweed, right…I just lapse and forget…or worry and overthink
    Do you get the colour-coded Qur’an with the english translation? The ones online seem to just have the Yusuf Ali translation.
    And my brother taking long to go get me my qur’an…*sigh*
    Yeah yeah I can go get it myself (but I do like my big qur’an with the big script and I tend to read it much quicker than anything else which is *nice*).
    I should try squinting at his tiny Tajweed qur’an…

  3. thanks for the software link… been self teachin and lapsed myself…

  4. no problem
    i really like it! (and i enlarge the qur’an fonts as big as i want! no squinting for me)

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