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Sunday 22nd, August 2010

Taste T&T 2010 Hits the Road

Casually flipping through the Sunday Express, what do I see?

Taste T&T 2010: Many Flavours ONE FESTIVAL

And I wonder to myself when is it?
How often do I pick up the physical newspaper and read it?

Have other people heard about it and not me? But I do check Twitter. Chennette keeps track of local food blogs better than me…

Anywayz, details for those who might not have seen it (someone tell me how long they running these ads because if it is only today then seriously need new committee real bad…if beginning of August…still need one).

It is in two parts all to discover what makes our food unique.

On September 2nd and 3rd is the Taste T&T 2010 Workshop (by Invitation Only) where local and international chefs will analyze our dishes.

Then they will continue on for a series of Sundays in the “villages that made our trademark dishes famous”. Come for Sunday Lunch (10am to 5pm)

  • Toco Sea Food, 12th September @ Toco Regional Complex Grounds.
    Special Prize for Best Seafood Broth
  • Tunapuna Creole Food, 19th September @ Honeymoon Recreational Ground.
    Special Prize for Best Curry Duck
  • Debe East Indian Delights, 26th September @ Venue to be determined.
    Special Prize for Best Doubles


Did I just give TDC a free ad?? :)
(ha! not much people read this)

Well they said for further information call head office or go to the website but I didn’t see anything listed there for current Taste…SURPRISE! (not!)

Not sure I want to go.
But want to go. Not sure about Chennette’s plans.
It’s very annoying…have they been planning this long?


  1. Mom and Dad might love to go Toco. I know I would!

    The fact that Debe is in a venue to be announced is a good sign they didnt plan this long time! And where their online presence? STILL these people doh learn! Not even a press release?

  2. I know. I will drive them up.
    Maybe take brother and sister-in-law and niece

    and yes
    no website, no venue for debe suggests not long in planning

    waiting to see an angry tweet from trinigourmet
    amazing u can fit anger in 140 characters

    it in daylight which is nice

  3. oh. my current plans have me arriving in Trinidad on the night of the 11th!

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