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Thursday 26th, August 2010


I think tonight was the 16th Tarawih.
I missed it.
Last night, I went to Tarawih and just prayed half and then Witr (this is usually the last prayer at night, strongly recommended yet not cumpulsory).
I was in such pain. My feet hurt (like on top the arches?). I prayed on a chair for half of the Tarawih I did pray. For that first rakaah (repetition), my niece stood and watched me until I got back up. Then she dragged a plastic chair, climbed on it, sat down, made (praying) motions, then stood up, made motions and returned to her running around the masjid.
I thought resting since I was in pain and soooo tired would be a good plan.
I have my doubts now.
My niece was *thrilled* to have a life-sized adult doll. She climbed on me. All bits. She “jumped”. Even when I went to pray the Witr, she still launched herself on me. She had fun. I didn’t mind except…

I woke up for Suhur with a cramp in an upper calf (?). That was new.

And why am I so tired?


Monday was a nice easy drive.
Wednesday, since the parents were going up that side I didn’t bother drive myself (NOTE: not driving, sitting in the back, aids car sickness). There was traffic for some unknown reason and it took about 1hr 30min to reach (it is usually just over an hour).

Today there was traffic. It just took over 2 hours! They say traffic was backed up all the way to Gasparillo.
Unfortunately we knew why.
There was a 3-person 3-car fatality and others taken to hospital. I don’t know if any more died. My heart goes out to them :(

And tomorrow?
Well as I was coming home today, I heard that a portion of the northbound highway collapsed so single-lane traffic and big jam. I wonder how far and if I will get stuck.
(Mom says don’t go to work!)
I’ve already been leaving early because of Ramadan.

Anywayz, I do have pictures to post but I’m beat. I fell asleep after breaking my fast for like 3+ hours and only just ate dinner and seriously contemplated skipping. I’m off to shower and pray Tarawih (and everything else) all by myself. On a chair!

All the best on the roads. Be careful!


  1. part of the highway collapsed?? it’s the flooding in caroni eating away from underneath??
    cramp in calf is from sitting in car driving for long periods – before going to sleep touch the floor and keep legs as straight as possible, stretch out the muscles – will also help when the cramp suddenly wakes you up!

  2. yeah between couva and freeport
    single lane traffic
    guardian link

  3. There is a river closeby which was diverted or some such thing or probably no proper drainage …so undermining taking place by the legitimate waterways….lol.

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