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Saturday 28th, August 2010

Is it the 17th fast today?

I think last night was the 17th tarawih and thus we’re on to my 17th fast.
I’m very happy. I remember it wasn’t too long ago that I only made 19 for the month and was thrilled!
Insha Allah, I will make that and more :)

We made beef pies, froze some, baked some, sent some to the masjid and kept some.
We’ll send some of the beef pies with my brother and father for Itikhaaf next week.
I guess…more on that later? :)

We have two Iftar and dinners this weekend. Yay! And one on Tuesday (Emanciaption Day), otherwise known as the start of Itikhaaf.

I haven’t been sleeping much unfortunately.


  1. you doh have links for ‘Older Post’ ‘Newer Post’ or do I just not see it?

  2. i dont think i do
    i thought i used to
    i will try to fix itu0u87yr

  3. uy8u/g;l.u7l7l88y8*?:&&8888u8uop8uouu8iufg8iiiru

  4. letting the niece read your blog?

  5. letting her comment

    hey she was skyping with you while this was going on

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