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Friday 10th, September 2010

We don’t have internet

According to Greendot they still fixing the stuff and the tech support guy seemed surprised we had email.
Before the call, I emailed them to ask what service it is. Two days without and now it’s back and it’s barely 1/4 our proper download and no upload and I can’t upload pictures to flickr and facebook.

Well, after I called and found out well “we have no internet yet” I replied and said well…we still like cash-back and I find they taking long to fix it. Maybe I should’ve apologised explicitly (I don’t mean badly…I mean actualy write out I apologise. But I still vexed).

Eid Breakfast

I’m being laughed at.

Nobody wants my pictures to upload, neither flickr nor my website.
How funny.

I had sahina.
It was pretty.
Awesome chutney.

And there was sawaine.

That is all.

‘Id Mubarak


And my brother and his family are home!

(No internet for two days!)

Chennette has given a nice talk about ‘Ids away from home. Hers sound nice. I think my accomplishments were making a nice SMALL kibbe and a biryani into which the salt shaker fell. I can’t remember how the biryani tasted but the kibbe was GOOD and I wished I had more meat and had made more.

Oh, we have kibbe and lamb.
Mom says we will make biryani when Chennette comes Saturday.
It does seem like we’re putting off a lot of things for when Chennette comes on Saturday….hmmmm