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Friday 10th, September 2010

Eid Breakfast

I’m being laughed at.

Nobody wants my pictures to upload, neither flickr nor my website.
How funny.

I had sahina.
It was pretty.
Awesome chutney.

And there was sawaine.

That is all.


  1. as long as you took photos that we can see at some point.

  2. I hope I took enough.
    It was hot and I helped share in the masjid.

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  4. […] According to Greendot they still fixing the stuff and the tech support guy seemed surprised we had email. Well. Before the call, I emailed them to ask what service it is. Two days without and now it’s back and it’s barely 1/4 our proper download and no upload and I can’t upload pictures to flickr and facebook. […]

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