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Friday 10th, September 2010

‘Id Mubarak


And my brother and his family are home!

(No internet for two days!)

Chennette has given a nice talk about ‘Ids away from home. Hers sound nice. I think my accomplishments were making a nice SMALL kibbe and a biryani into which the salt shaker fell. I can’t remember how the biryani tasted but the kibbe was GOOD and I wished I had more meat and had made more.

Oh, we have kibbe and lamb.
Mom says we will make biryani when Chennette comes Saturday.
It does seem like we’re putting off a lot of things for when Chennette comes on Saturday….hmmmm


  1. yes
    putting off a lot of things for Chennette to make perhaps?

  2. Yeah! I think so.
    Remember Toco.

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