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Thursday 18th, November 2010

chocolate … ew?!

Well chennette went belgium and bought us chocolate.

Lots of different kinds.

So today I pulled out the ginger and the lavender bars for mom and me to sample.

The ginger was nice, kind of rich. I didn’t taste the ginger so much but mom did.

So next one block each of lavender. When I finally managed to open that packaging well for sure I could smell it.

But oh no one little block with all that lavender … Like eating powder/powder/cream. I wanted to spit it out and it was just one tiny little square.

We had to run to get something to blank out the taste. The mixed caraibe bar was nice.

But ew what to do with the lavender!


  1. Find out what goes with lavender and put it into a cake or something.

  2. that’s what i figured
    but i’m wondering how little i would use

    have you tried it yet?

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