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Wednesday 2nd, March 2011


I’ve been working at my new job now for about 16 months and I’m not sure if I’ve really blogged since.

I have no energy to bake even if it is pointed out to me that other people work over an hour’s drive from home and still have a life.

I still plot baking but unless it’s pizza it probably doesn’t happen.

Now to add to the burden, we started our downstairs renovations together with upstairs bathroom which just finished tile and looks awesome through the muck..

So we’re downstairs while lower roof is changing, new walls are added and support columns reinforced or replaced.

First casualty: they took down the garage roof and the lights there are connected to kitchen lights, main bath, back porch (as all these additions were done together I guess). No overheads but most outlets have juice.

Second casualty: in widening kitchen/breakfast table area, constructing new wall, we disconnected the washer and dryer last week. We went by my brother’s in-laws to wash on Saturday.

Third: the stove/oven was disconnected on Friday.

We are accepting food donations.

We did connect mom’s table top 2/3 burner stove so all is not lost. We could bake in the toaster oven I guess.

High points: as soon as the plumbers come and hook up our upstairs bathroom and we clean upstairs we can move back. Yay!

The house is half painted a lovely colour we all like and kudos to me for picking it and standing my ground.


A world of possibilities.

We can have everything.


Or too many possibilities and mom and I are going crazy ;-)


  1. so…after SIXTEEN MONTHS, the job still new?

  2. well when they take staff meeting attendance, my name not on the roll…i have to add it
    so yeah i must be new or something

    current job i shoulda say?

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