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Friday 20th, August 2010


It’s a hard Ramadan when your family is split up.
We started taking pictures around both Eids so that my brother in Saudi Arabia and my sister the elder in Guyana could see what we were cooking. Mom said we were making them jealous and we shouldn’t. But truly, that wasn’t the reason (or the total reason). My brother *wanted* to see what we were making. My sister wanted to live vicariously through pictures.

Now my brother is home for this Ramadan and as you know Chennette is in Guyana with our other sister so…there are enough people in Guyana to make the things we like too.

Chennette craves macaroni pie…posts pictures of macaroni pie. Well yesterday mom baked lamb in bbq sauce and I made macaroni pie. I also made a macaroni pie with beef that went into the freezer, a meal to be baked for another day.

She made googni (boil and fry blackeye with onions and whatever else) and next day mom makes it.

We make aloo pie and channa and cucumber chutney she says hmm maybe I want that instead of pizza.

And I think, hmm, how long has my brother been home and I haven’t made any pizza?

Last night, she chirps that

you can’t make style on us @empresslilandra WE making Aloo Pies tomorrow for #iftar! #Ramadan #Caribbeancooks

What else is in the lineup?

So, I guess, in a way, we are celebrating Ramadan together.


Hmm…I wonder if she’ll feel for non-stuffed but fried beef kibbe with tahini?

Fried Kibbe

Fried Kibbe, originally uploaded by Lilandra.

It looks kinda like felafel, doesn’t it? :)

Well, I missed a day of posting, so now we’ve had 9 Tarawih and I started my 9th fast.

Wednesday 18th, August 2010

Chennette stole my title


Hey, a week of Tarawih prayers are done!
And Alhamdulillah I managed to make it to the masjid every night for it, although I think I was falling asleep last night.

Water has finally come last night and hopefully it stays to fill up our tanks.

We got sahina to break fast from our neighbours but otherwise, yesterday was a day of leftovers.

I really want Chennette’s pizza, googni.
I also might have to make Golden Wheat Carrot Cake and for some reason am considering trying homemade pastrami (because where would I get halaal pastrami in Trinidad?)

Tuesday 17th, August 2010

New Fridge has ARRIVED!

I did mention we went and bought a fridge the FIRST day of fasting. I searched through my old posts and found one almost exactly a year before we bought it, complaining about the fridge. I know I’ve been complaining for even longer but I don’t seem to have mentioned that here.

So after Tarawih, it settled. We moved the old fridge out into the porch. We moved the new fridge into position and plugged it on and I wiped the insides with hot water. Filled the ice trays and went to sleep.

(okay a bit more involved than that. We had to take out the doors from the old fridge, so empty the doors, twist around back door, fiddle with new fridge feet…let people run around and not fall asleep after).

Happily when we woke up for suhur, the ice was frozen.
Of course the old fridge said the temperature was 38F after months when it couldn’t go below 45F and I think recommended is 40F at most. Our electronics are infamous for being jealous.

Hopefully someone will buy it even knowing it needs some work. I can’t deal with two fridges again!

And for iftar yesterday…
Well mom (with my help) made aloo pies, curry channa with cucumber chutney while we waited for the fridge to arrive. That was dinner for me too. And iftar.

Aloo Pie, Channa and Cucumber Chutney

Aloo Pie, Channa and Cucumber Chutney, originally uploaded by Lilandra.


Well, I’m tired and have many pictures to go through but I will post a link to Chennette’s recipe with picture. I need to sleep so I can do more stuff tomorrow…:)

Today: 6th Ramadan.
Last night: 6th Tarawih
This morning: 6th Suhur

We’ve almost done a week of fasting. Wow time flies!

Monday 16th, August 2010

Sleep more. Just add water.

Oh did we make anything special for Iftar last night? (That would be the 4th Iftar).

Oh mom made pholourie from a pack.
Instant pholourie, just add water.
(And fry…we need a long handle spoon…)
Yes, we take short cuts too, especially during Ramadan :)

But in case you want to know how to make your own, you can check out Trinigourmet’s website :) (I only found out earlier today she’s a saveur site we love…!)
Neither Chennette nor I seems to have posted a recipe.

I’m trying to read Qur’an every day and managing…
But I’m really Slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.

Today is the 5th of Ramadan. Last night we prayed the 5th Tarawih. This morning, we had our 5th Suhur and we are currently keeping the 5th fast.

Sunday 15th, August 2010

Cassava for Iftar!

Well, unfortunately, even though my brother and family went to the Iftar…and I prepped my sister-in-law to take pictures (she was nervous…I told her I don’t mind how they come out…and she said it could look horrible because of how the food was on the plate…I didn’t mind that either. When one is living vicariously, one can’t afford to be picky. Pity nobody reads this who can invite me to an iftar. *sigh* :-D ), for reasons I do not fully comprehend, no pictures…

So, to makeup for this…*sob* *sob*
Continue reading Cassava for Iftar!

Saturday 14th, August 2010

Lunar Birthday?

Yes yes, celebrating birthdays is bida (innovation) and prohibited. But, I’m not celebrating my birthday. I’m just telling you that today is my Lunar Birthday (according to the muslim lunar calendar).

One of my childhood friends is visiting her family from abroad. She wants her children to grow up how we did, playing on the road, between the houses and in the masjid during Ramadan. She remembers the big gang of us, all walking to the masjid and back…the race to finish the Tarawih prayers in a half hour when the younger boys lead (ahem! We start Isha (night prayer) at 7:50pm so Tarawih at around 8:00pm and my brother finishes at…9:20pm…so at least one young boy grow up).

I miss those days too. The communal iftars (breaking of the fast) and dinners. (I guess this is a real subject for another post…in my grandfather’s lifetime, after and now).

Now we don’t have that much people and young people coming so really it’s just the brothers and maybe a couple sisters who go for Maghrib (sunset prayer). At sunset, one breaks the fast and then prays Maghrib. (I am told, if you are Shia, you break the fast when it’s completely dark…maybe half-hour after Maghrib prayer. We break when the sun starts setting, the colours start changing).

My mom and I don’t go to the masjid for Iftar and Maghrib. We don’t have the energy.

So at the masjid, it’s just a little iftar with whatever people bring, be it just dates, water, soft drink or whatnot (my brother carried a danish ring yesterday…special grocery trip…yes we love Entenmann’s, we saw it, we bought it, he decided to go the next day to buy another to carry to the masjid…how often do you see Entenmann’s in Trinidad at a reasonable price?).

Then after they pray Maghrib, they all trek back home to eat and then we return for Isha and Tarawih. Maghrib time is about 6:26pm and by the end of Ramadan it will be about 6:11pm. We try not to overeat between Maghrib and Isha because then we will be rather sleepy and sluggish and it will be harder to make it through the Tarawih prayers. Ha! I mightn’t even make it to the masjid. And we’re washing all the wares *after* Tarawih. Note, this is my family. Who knows what other people do.

But my brother and his family got invited to an Iftar in a neighbouring masjid. Maybe I can give my sister-in-law mom’s point-and-shoot camera to take some pictures of the food…hehehe. Also, I heard tell of someone wanting to have an Iftar in our masjid…so there’s hope. EXCITEMENT! I still hate washing dishes.

Oh, you’re wondering what we do for dinner. Well it depends. Friday and Saturday there is neighbourhood barbeque on sale so yesterday, we bought four boxes and had them not boxed, but each food separate…I think there is still quite a lot left. Thursday mom cooked fry aloo and bodi (separate) in the morning and when we went grocery (the first time we bought the Entenmann’s) we bought panini bread (?) which looked like sada so we could save on the cooking. So tonight, we will probably have leftovers..:-)

Today is the 3rd of Ramadan. Last night we prayed the 3rd Tarawih. This morning, we had our 3rd Suhur and we are currently keeping the 3rd fast.

Friday 13th, August 2010

First Fast of Ramadan

And we went out and bought a fridge!

I am trying to make all the Tarawih prayers (the special extra night prayer) this month.
Last year, I did most of it at home (I’d like to say 20 out of the 29). This year I will try to go to the masjid and benefit from the experience of my brother’s recitation as he leads us.

Our masjid does 8 rakat (each prayer or salah consists of a number of rakah/repetitions). Some others do 20. You might think well we only do 8 so we finish quickly. This is not so, he recites longer passages from the Qur’an. And it is beautiful even if I do not understand it all.

As to the fridge, mom finally had enough. Two years ago when we were leaving for Hajj, our fridge was in its sometime-ish mode and we weren’t even sure it was working. We left it plugged on with water bottles inside and went and hoped for the best. Since we’d gone through a few months with it being on-again off-again, it was easy to clear it out. It’s been like that since and finally mom fed up enough.

And since we all hate the side-by-side fridge and don’t want to worry about tricky circuit boards, we got an ordinary/traditional top-freezer model. FINALLY I WILL BE ABLE TO FIT DECENT TRAYS IN THE FRIDGE!


Today is the 2nd of Ramadan. Last night we prayed the 2nd Tarawih. And this morning we had our 2nd Suhur (morning meal) to start our 2nd fast.