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Baking Until I Drop

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Wednesday 2nd, March 2011


I’ve been working at my new job now for about 16 months and I’m not sure if I’ve really blogged since.

I have no energy to bake even if it is pointed out to me that other people work over an hour’s drive from home and still have a life.

I still plot baking but unless it’s pizza it probably doesn’t happen.

Now to add to the burden, we started our downstairs renovations together with upstairs bathroom which just finished tile and looks awesome through the muck..

So we’re downstairs while lower roof is changing, new walls are added and support columns reinforced or replaced.

First casualty: they took down the garage roof and the lights there are connected to kitchen lights, main bath, back porch (as all these additions were done together I guess). No overheads but most outlets have juice.

Second casualty: in widening kitchen/breakfast table area, constructing new wall, we disconnected the washer and dryer last week. We went by my brother’s in-laws to wash on Saturday.

Third: the stove/oven was disconnected on Friday.

We are accepting food donations.

We did connect mom’s table top 2/3 burner stove so all is not lost. We could bake in the toaster oven I guess.

High points: as soon as the plumbers come and hook up our upstairs bathroom and we clean upstairs we can move back. Yay!

The house is half painted a lovely colour we all like and kudos to me for picking it and standing my ground.


A world of possibilities.

We can have everything.


Or too many possibilities and mom and I are going crazy ;-)

Friday 17th, September 2010

I remember! I remember!

A loaf of bread,
A container of a milk
and a stick of …
peanut butter.


I’m going to miss m niece when they return to school! :-‘(

Friday 25th, June 2010


I might’ve mentioned changing the roof. Well after that we did work upstairs. Finally moved walls. Replaced the icky-bat-mess-filled fiber glass (or something) tiles with gypsum. Painted walls. Still have new walls to put in.

But I’m sleeping upstairs tonight and am quite happy.
However, not yet in my room but that’s okay.

Rooms look nice!

Thursday 3rd, June 2010

Greendot TV?

Anybody has Greendot TV?

Well when we changed our roof we had to take down the Greendot internet antenna and call them to come re-install. Around that time I asked the family if they think we should switch from Flow (Analog) cable to Greendot Digital TV. It’s cheaper.

After some waffling, we got it…and finally today after days without TV (because who knows where our antenna is in all the cramped-mayhem that is our house) (hmm we cut Flow Monday evening), they came and installed it for us. So yay (I guess).

And our stove has new (local) burners and it heats things up nice and fast. We just need to get stove lighters now because the light function on the stove doesn’t work with the local burners. But it is worth the sacrifice.


Thursday 26th, November 2009

Eid Mubarak!

Well, go read Chennette’s post.

We made good stuff and she took pictures with my camera which hasn’t been cleared in…um more than 7 weeks?

I’m really beat these days because…guess what?
I’m working!
Finally a paycheque (hmm I thought they said I would get paid yesterday but haven’t seen it yet)!
And I’m oh so tired.

Well, I felt very sous-chef…very did not do much (as Monday to Thursday straight very tired…well all I want is sleep and I’m too tired to sleep.

Regardless…I made a nice custard ice-cream this past weekend and it went really well with the tart apple crumble.

Maybe I’ll take some pictures of some mountains…maybe I’ll get the Eid-ul-Fitr pictures off my camera…that’d be a start, right?

Tuesday 25th, November 2008

Lots of stuff going on in Trinidad and Tobago these days

Lots of stuff
And it’s not that this is a food blog so I don’t want to comment
It’s not that I don’t have an opinion
It’s not even that I’m not reading the news

I even have lots of food-related posts in my head that haven’t materialized (the fact that pictures have made it to flickr amazes me).

It’s just I’m swamped, busy, tired, stressed and getting ready for Hajj. we leave in less than a week. And lots of trinis are saying it better. Maybe I should link but am tired…so I’ll just link to the Global Voices Online Trinidad and Tobago category and you can read it or not if you want.

Let’s see, flood, media and the PM, economy.

Oh and Trinidad Express still hasn’t properly responded to me. About what you say? Copyright Theft!

I’ll try to post goodbye before I leave for hajj/pilgrimage!

Thursday 25th, September 2008

Here it is, the ‘Id-ul-Fitr menu: First Draft

For the masjid:

  • Cheesecake squares

For on or around ‘Id day:

  • Chicken, minced lamb, channa and rice
  • Lamb kibbe (with a small vegetarian kibbe on the side)
  • Some salad or veggie side
  • Sahina, the real kind, rolled up
  • Lamb-filled pastry with phyllo/filo dough!
  • Basbousa
  • Almond Biscuits

For when Chennette comes:

  • Baklava, various kinds
  • Doughnuts
  • Fat kurma

Also, we’ll try to make, in the week preceding ‘Id, different ice-cream (chocolate, coconut and peppermint).

Menu subject to change on our tiredness level and other input.

Will there be sawaine?