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Friday 1st, January 2016


Well it has been a while.
More than four years.
I doubt anybody is even listening!

But wow. WordPress did the update automatically without any apparent glitches so I’m happy. But I’m sure I’ve got more housekeeping to do…like the madness that was my categories.

Tuesday 25th, November 2008

Lots of stuff going on in Trinidad and Tobago these days

Lots of stuff
And it’s not that this is a food blog so I don’t want to comment
It’s not that I don’t have an opinion
It’s not even that I’m not reading the news

I even have lots of food-related posts in my head that haven’t materialized (the fact that pictures have made it to flickr amazes me).

It’s just I’m swamped, busy, tired, stressed and getting ready for Hajj. we leave in less than a week. And lots of trinis are saying it better. Maybe I should link but am tired…so I’ll just link to the Global Voices Online Trinidad and Tobago category and you can read it or not if you want.

Let’s see, flood, media and the PM, economy.

Oh and Trinidad Express still hasn’t properly responded to me. About what you say? Copyright Theft!

I’ll try to post goodbye before I leave for hajj/pilgrimage!

Saturday 6th, September 2008

Blogging at

Hey, all.
I just started blogging at Ramadan 2008 Community Website.

For the most part, I’ll be cross-posting the Ramadan stuff so it won’t necessarily be different stuff, but you never know, I might get *inspired*.

My first post just really links to the day-by-day coverage that’s been going on here.

There are about 14 other contributors so…go have a look.

(Also! I know! I haven’t posted on Ramadan 5 yet…camera’s downstairs…and I’m gonna sleep now).

Thursday 4th, September 2008

Here we go again

when i’m more awake with my mouse I might clean up all these extraneous posts

Another test


Testing Crossposting

For somebody.


Saturday 30th, August 2008

I need to fix my site

EDIT: Problem fixed! I think. I hope. The header was going crazy. Can’t recall what it was doing exactly.

It’s too wide.
It was too wide before but I was ignoring it.
I can’t ignore it any longer.
I also need to do somebody else’s.
I wonder if I’m stumped or I was just tired?