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Saturday 1st, November 2008

Chennette bought five pairs of shoes last night

Regardless of our different sized feet…there is always a slight chance that her shoes might just fit me.

At least one.


Friday 15th, August 2008

Sister needs a name

She is envious that Chennette has a name and I have a name.
But whenever we were online, Chennette and I always had pseudonyms.
She always used her real name.
What we were supposed to refer to her as?
Mother of our niece and nephew?
Her first name?
She is both Chennette’s and my sister.
We have no other sister left after we count off each other.
She has no blogging/website identity so she’s defined by her relationship to us.

But Chennette thinks we should sign her up for a wordpress account so….

I know, you know her even less than we do so you have no idea.
If you’re even reading this.
If anybody is even reading this.

Monday 14th, July 2008

Niece and Nephew…

Niece no 1 and Nephew coming today.
Shall arrive some time before noon.

Can’t wait.
We’ve got to take them topping!

Tuesday 1st, April 2008

Guess what Chennette just bought!

If you read this you might have an idea.


Anywayz…not much going on here…we baked the other day…in the middle of loading pictures on flickr.

Arabic exams coming soon…very worried…*sigh*

Wednesday 2nd, January 2008



And poor child…now worrying about lost linkage…
Oh well…it’ll work out eventually.

She’s now at

Saturday 1st, December 2007

3 o’clock in the morning

3:15 am Scene 1:
Aunty Lilandra’s bed.
Two people (Aunty Lilandra and a little person).
Little person stirs.

Big Girl: Mamaaaaaaaaa
Aunty Lilandra: I’m Mama
Big Girl: Mamaaaaaaaaa
Aunty Lilandra: What can mama give you that I can’t? You not nursing!

Mamaaaaaa enters the room and Aunty Lilandra exits to Mamaa and the Baba’s room.

3:30 am Scene 2:
Big room.
Aunty Lilandra in bed and Baba in the crib.
Baba starts fussing.
Aunty Lilandra walks and pats Baba.
Mamaaaa comes to nurse Baba

Big Girl (from Aunty Lilandra’s room): WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
Mama: Lilandra, gimme the rag

Mama goes into Aunty Lilandra’s room to nurse baba and keep big girl company

3:50 am Scene 3:
TV Room (which both Aunty Lilandra’s room and Big Room open onto).
Aunty Lilandra has tv on, almost muted, drinking water and sucking on Cadbury’s Bourneville

Mama (from Aunty Lilandra’s room): Is that chocolate you eating?
Lilandra: Why? Yes…
Mama: Save some for me.
Lilandra: Thanks for stopping me from eating the whole thing.
Couple seconds pass
Big girl (weakly): Choc-lit?
Lilandra: No! Not eating chocolate.

There is another chocoholic in the house.
And she was sleepy!

They are both sleeping now.

Monday 26th, November 2007


8:37 am
8lbs 10 oz (whoa!!! 1.5 lbs heavier than his sister was and well 2lbs 2oz heavier than his month-old cousin)
52 cm long (about same length as both of them)
14 inch head circumference (bigger by about 3-4 cm!)

we don’t think he’ll fit in newborn for very long

and who does he look like? Chennette says both sister the elder and brother…

me, all i could think was that he looked BIG!!!

A nephew…whoa!